Buffalo cops expected to face charges after pushing 75-year-old protester

The two Buffalo cops seen on video shoving an elderly protester to the ground are expected to face charges in the incident, according to a new report. 

The officers are anticipated in court Saturday, according to sources cited by a local NBC affiliate. Their colleagues from the department’s Emergency Response Team are expected to escort them inside the courthouse in a show of support.

The entire 57-member unit resigned earlier this week in solidarity with two officers who were suspended amid intense backlash over a video showing them push protester Martin Gugino, 75, who fell backward and appeared to cracked his head and bled heavily onto the pavement. 

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown had earlier said it was “very important for officers to know they’re getting due process,” while claiming Gugino was an “agitator” contributing to violence and looting in the area.

Gugino has been described by friends as a longtime peace activist in the city.

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