Britain's dog attack problem is about to get WORSE as the weather gets warmer…here's why and how to protect your family | The Sun

A PET expert has warned that Britain’s dog attack epidemic is about to get worse as we head into summer.

Dog behaviourist Nanci Creedon believes vicious maulings are set to soar – and the UK’s attacks are already at a 40 year high.

This year alone two people have been savaged to death by hounds, with dozens more attacked – including six people who were raced to hospital this week.

The first person killed this year was Surrey woman Natasha Johnston, 28, who died from “multiple penetrating dog bites to the neck”.

Less than a month later little Alice Stones, four, was mauled to death by her family dog in Milton Keynes.

And according to Ms Creedon things are only set to get worse as the weather improves.


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She told The Sun: “When the hot weather comes people can get irritable, dogs can get irritable.

“People are outside more and there’s a lot more activity going on.

“The sun can be quite draining and people can get tired, and dogs can get tired.

“When you're in these situations with a dog, safety comes first.

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“When people are worrying about keeping their dogs from biting or keeping their children from being bitten it's a case of always assuming the worst.”

In years gone by attacks have spiked during the summer months, as dogs come into contact with more people day to day.

Nanci explained: “If it's a hot day and the dog is resting in the sun, the dog is going to have its guard down.

“If a kid who’s running around trips over the dog in that situation, yes they are going to feel more vulnerable. They’re more likely to bite.

“The other problem is if it's hot your dog can get sunstroke from the weather. Again, he’s going to be irritable, he’s not going to be himself.

“It’s important that yes, you are assessing if the situation is safe but also that you are looking after your dog medically.”


And there one situation in particular that Nanci says can set off dogs – barbeques.

She said: “The big real trigger for dogs in the summer is putting the dog in situations it's not familiar with.

“When the weather's nice people go away with the dog, or they go to the park or they have people over to the garden for a BBQ.

“As a dog expert, putting dogs in situations they’re not used to should be done slowly and during each step we should be assessing the dog.

“However for the average family that’s not happening. Mum is sunbathing with her eyes closed, dad is on the barbeque and no one is realising that the dog is getting wound up because the kids are hyper and are running round.

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“Suddenly the dog is out of control and the kids are screaming. This can get the dog to click into a predatory response and suddenly he’s attacking the kids.

“That is when things get dangerous – when people take their eye off the ball and put the dog in unusual situations with hyperactive kids.”

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