Britain prepares for 20C temperatures as heat returns for Easter

Here comes the sun! Time to get out the sun cream as Britain prepares to bathe in 20C temperatures within weeks as heat returns in time for Easter

  • Swathes of tropical air are expected to come flooding in by April
  • Meteorologist says ‘there are good signs’ there will be a change of weather
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Britain is set to bask in glorious 20C temperatures within weeks, as the heat is set to return just in time for Easter.

While temperatures will take a plunge this weekend, with snow driven by Artic winds threatening to hit parts of the country, there will be a dramatic U-turn from next week.

The UK has experienced a wet month so far, and the damp conditions are set to continue for a while as the jet stream shifted to the south for most of March. 

However, swathes of tropical air are now expected to come flooding in from the Atlantic Azores Islands.

Following this, meteorologists predict spells of dry weather into April and the Easter bank holiday – bringing highs of 20C.

Asenior meteorological consultant from British Weather Services’ has predicted that ‘there are good signs’ there will be a change of weather come Easter

Pictured: A flowering cherry blossom tree in Wimbledon, south west London. There will be a dramatic U-turn in the weather from next week

But for the end of March, the UK’s heaviest and most frequent rain will be centred in the south and west accompanied by gusty winds towards the end of this month. 

And, cloudier, more irregular conditions are also likely across Scotland, with rain and drizzle expected intermittently. 

However, this is all soon set to blow over, a senior meteorological consultant Jim Dale from British Weather Services’ told The Mirror that ‘there are good signs’ there will be a change of weather come Easter.

He has predicted that the south and east of England are most likely to enjoy the warmer climate.

Mr Dale said: ‘It’s not a given, but there are good signs that this kind of change of fortunes will arrive just in time for Easter.

‘If we give it some time – and I’m not just talking about Good Friday or the Saturday, but certainly the back end of the bank holiday weekend and the week that follows for the school holidays – it does look like it might well become warmer.’

The forecaster also added: ‘I would expect that as we go through the Easter period, I would expect us to nudge the 20-degree temperature mark in the south and east, and maybe even the north into eastern Scotland.’

He also said that as we go through the Easter period, he expects to see the 20-degree mark ‘nudged’ up in the south and east, and perhaps even into the north into eastern Scotland. 

Temperatures across the UK have hit highs of 10C today, with sun shining in the south east. However, much of the North and Northern Ireland are battling with rain and colder weather

And in its long range forecast, the Met Office has said that while early April will see some ‘unsettled conditions,’ Brits can expect temperatures to be ‘generally above average’.  

The long range forecast for Tuesday 28 March – Thursday 6 April reads: ‘On Tuesday, largely dry with localised showers to the north and east, possibly snow over higher ground. Mostly cold and settled, with a chance of some unsettled weather moving in from the west later on. 

‘Wetter conditions are likely to move in through the end of March, particularly across northern areas. Southern and eastern areas are likely to be drier, although a chance of showers or spells of rain remain likely here. Strong winds are probable, with a low risk of gales mainly across western parts. 

‘Into early April, more settled conditions and drier interludes become increasingly likely, although a chance of wetter, potentially thundery conditions at times. Temperatures are generally above average, though colder conditions remain possible in the far north and northeast at first.’

And for Friday 7 April – Friday 21 April, the weather service has said: ‘A general trend to less unsettled conditions is likely into April. Still some wetter weather at times, with occasional showers, which could be heavy or thundery. 

‘However, most areas are likely to see some spells of dry weather, with potentially frost and some fog overnight. The chances of strong winds are probably lower than normal, and whilst temperatures are likely to generally be near to slightly above normal, cooler spells remain possible.’ 

However, the Met Office is yet to release a detailed forecast for the Easter weekend – with specific predictions for Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. 

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