Brit troops join war games ‘Operation Talisman Sabre’ with 34k soldiers, warships & jets in major show of force to China | The Sun

BRITISH troops have joined key allies in a huge land, sea and air exercise taking place above the south Pacific known as "Operation Talisman Sabre".

The war games between the UK, US, Australia and 10 other nations are designed to be a major show of force to an increasingly aggressive China.

Over 34,000 troops took part in Talisman Sabre, which began on 22 July and ends today.

It is the largest military exercise between Australian, UK and US forces and is intended to strengthen partnerships and ready allied armies for any threats in the Indo-Pacific.

The war games also involved armed forces from Canada, Fiji, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Korea, and Tonga.

Our troops from the Army, Royal Navy and RAF were involved in the event, enacting drills with many of the same partners that supported the evacuation effort from Sudan in April.

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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “Security and stability throughout the Indo-Pacific is essential.

"Exercise Talisman Sabre demonstrates the UK’s commitment to the region and the strength of our ties with friends and allies.”

British Royal Marine Commandos had been busy showing off their ship to shore landings – preparing themselves for any impending crisis.

Major Aran Sandiford, Commanding Officer of the Commando Forces, said the exercise is a major opportunity for troops to "share tactics and practice" with allies.

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He added: "Deploying Commandos into the Indo-Pacific is one of the best ways of demonstrating the Royal Navy’s continued commitment to the region.”

Last week, four Australian Army soldiers were killed when their helicopter smashed into the sea during the war drills.

The MRH 90 Taipan chopper crashed into the ocean off Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays on July 28.

Captain Daniel Lyon, Lieutenant Maxwell Nugent, Warrant Officer Class Two Joseph Laycock, and Corporal Alexander Naggs were named as the men involved in the crash.

Australia's Deputy prime minister Richard Marles said: “This accident makes very clear what this exercise means, the dangers that are involved, the risks that inevitably come with it."

To the dead servicemen, he added: "We owe all of you an enormous debt of gratitude.”

The allied show of force against China comes as tensions heat up in the region.

Self-ruled Taiwan is at the centre of rising tensions in east Asia and have contributed to a recent decision by Japan to boost its defence spending.

Meanwhile, the threat of war between China and the US grows by the day over the fate of the island nation of 23 million.

Washington has continuously sided with their ally as they face increasing military aggression from Beijing.

Xi Jinping regards the self-governing island as part of its territory and said any moves it takes towards full-scale independence will lead to an invasion.

The visit of US politician Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan in 2022 prompted a furious response from Beijing, with Chinese warships and fighter jets surrounding the island in massive military exercises.

Since then, China has revved-up its war games in the region, often encircling Taiwan, invading their air space and simulating missile attacks on its cities.

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Earlier this year, Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed earlier this month that China's President Xi Jinping is a bigger threat than Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Pompeo went as far as to say Xi's "vicious objective" is to achieve total dominance across the world.

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