Breast cancer patient, mask mandate protester battle outside LA clinic

A breast cancer patient and a woman protesting mask mandates briefly battled each other outside a Los Angeles clinic on Thursday.

“Just another day in the bad place,” wrote the patient, Kate Burns, who posted video of the confrontation on Twitter.

Burns is seen bumping into the unidentified woman with her right shoulder as crowds yelled at each other outside Cedars-Sinai Breast Health Services in West Hollywood. The protester responded by punching Burns below her left breast, then ripping off her mask.

The two women were quickly separated by other people in the crowd.

“Masks don’t work,” yelled one man, apparently the person holding the camera.

Burns was called a “breast cancer warrior” in a 2018 report for her efforts to raise money for a friend with the affliction, before learning that she, too, had breast cancer.

The fight on the video began when a man knocked the protester’s megaphone out of her hand. The woman attempted to attack the man, when Burns got caught in the middle.

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