Brazilian man tried to capture an alligator in the middle of a street

Alligator walking down Brazilian street attacks man and clamps down on his hand as desperate locals try to free him

  • Ernandes Machado attempted to catch an alligator that was walking down a street in northeastern Brazil
  • The Brazilian lay down on his back as he tried to fight off the reptile as it clamped on to his left hand
  • Villagers managed to control the situation by jabbing a wooden stick into the alligators mouth and freed Ernandes 
  • Finally, a resident managed to tie a rope around the alligator’s mouth 

A Brazilian man won’t be playing around with alligators any time soon. 

Ernandes Machado is lucky to have escaped with just a couple of minor injuries to his hand after his unfortunate encounter with the dangerous reptile.

Machado tried to capture the alligator that was out for a stroll in the middle of the street in the municipality of Central in northeastern Brazil on Sunday afternoon, before residents came to his aid.

Ernandes Machado desperately tries to force open the mouth of an alligator that clamped its jaws down on his hand as he tried to capture it 

An unidentified man (center) jumped into action and helped tie down the alligator in Brazil

In the viral video, Machado could be seen laying on his back on a sidewalk while he fights to open the alligator’s mouth close after it had bitten his left hand, according to Brazilian news outlet Em Tempo. 

A villager can be seen attempting to immobilize the animal by jabbing a long piece of wood into its mouth. 

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An alligator a Brazilian man on Sunday and bit the victim’s left hand before villagers subdued the reptile

A short while thereafter, another person, who was documenting the dramatic scene, assists the pair by maintaining control of the wood while the man uses a rope to tie up the alligator’s mouth. 

‘It’s secure, it’s secure,’ he said.

Machado keeps his hands steady over the reptile’s mouth, fully aware that letting go of it could lead to a life threatening attack.

Globo reported the alligator was later taken to a pond. 

Residents said it wasn’t the first time an alligator had been seen in the streets of Central. 





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