Brainteaser to find Rudolph the Robot will leave you scratching your head

And with the festive season underway, this new picture brainteaser has us hunting for Rudolph the Reindeer’s robot version.

While you may think you’ve mastered the art of Finding Wally, this new reindeer scene proves to be quite the headscratcher.

That’s because hidden in a field of identical reindeer is Rudolph the Robot, who unfortunately is exactly the same colour as his buddies.

With no chrome or sparkling lights to give him away, this might just take you longer than five seconds to solve.

This latest 'Where's Wally' style puzzler has been specially created by RS Components just in time for the holiday season.

While this may sound simple, the Reindeer robot is surrounded by dozens of near identical animals, making him truly blend right in.

If this got your brainteaser juices flowing, why not give some others a go?

In keeping with the festive theme, try and find the robot in a toy factory here, or get those brains ticking by looking for a snake among these giraffes.

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