Boyfriend who 'crushed boy, 3, to death with car seat' claims ‘he has been FRAMED’

Stephen Waterson allegedly deliberately rammed his seat against Alfie Lamb, who was sat in the footwell of the Audi A4.

The three-year-old died days later after suffering a cardiac arrest outside his home in Croydon, south London.

Waterson insisted he had no idea how Alfie came to be fatally injured and claimed he has been "horribly framed".

He said: "I didn't move that seat back to deliberately hurt him.

"I was asked once to move it forward and I moved it forward.

"I take responsibility along with everyone else in that car that he shouldn't have been in the footwell of that car."

Asked how Alfie had died, Waterson said: "This is what I want to find out as well. It was not the chair going back."

Cross-examining for Alfie's mum, Adrian Hoare, Katy Thorne QC, said: "On your account Mr Waterson, it could not have been the seat that cause his death and you have been framed horribly for Alfie's death."

Waterson said: "That's correct."

I didn't move that seat back to deliberately hurt him. I was asked once to move it forward and I moved it forward.

Waterson, 25, was asked how the youngster felt when he was pulled from the car on February 1, last year.

He said: "Heavy. When I picked him up his body was heavy, his legs… his body sort of flopped down – they were just hanging down.

"I tried to wake Alfie up, at first I thought he was joking around. Sometimes we play games but I soon realised there was something up.

"I just tried to get him to wake up. I was trying to do CPR, nothing was working."

Waterson, who appeared in court wearing a dark grey suit, slick-back black hair and carrying a white crucifix, said he originally gave police the name Alex Richardson.

He told the court he had done so because he panicked.

Waterson and his girlfriend Hoare lied repeatedly after the event and assaulted the two other passengers in an attempt to cover up their crime, the Old Bailey has heard.

I tried to wake Alfie up, at first I thought he was joking around. Sometimes we play games but I soon realised there was something up.

He told jurors: "At that time the police spoke to me, they asked me 'do I know what happened' and I spoke to them and at first I said no."

"Marcus didn't want to admit being the driver. I didn't want to be the driver because I thought it was something to do with allowing the children to be in the footwell.

"I didn't want to take Marcus' place as being the driver."

The QC asked: "Did you think Alfie should have been in the footwell of a car?"

"No," replied Waterson.

The court has previously heard how Hoare's half-sister Ashleigh Jeffrey was determined to find out "the truth" and repeatedly pressed the group for information.

Giving evidence, Ms Jeffrey said they appeared "shut off" and refused to answer her questions when they let off balloons in Alfie's memory.

Ms Jeffrey said: "I did try. This time they ended up having a bit of a debate in front of me about keeping up the lies they had already told."


She said Waterson had warned everyone to keep up the pretence otherwise "he would make them disappear".

Jurors heard Waterson had said: "I'll get rid of anyone who gets in my way or causes me trouble."

And in earlier evidence, Waterson's half-sister Samantha Dawson, from Blackpool, described Alfie as "the loveliest boy you could ever meet".

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC asked how the couple had treated Alfie when they visited Blackpool shortly before his death.

Ms Dawson replied: "It varies on what mood they are in."

She told the court when they were not in a good mood, they treated him "badly".

Hoare and Waterson, from Croydon, south London, deny manslaughter.

She also denies charges of child cruelty for placing Alfie in the footwell and common assault on Ms Williams on February 14.

Waterson further denies intimidating Marcus Lamb, also known as Marcus Richardson, on 15 February.
But Hoare and Waterson, have admitted perverting the course by submitting false statements to police.
The trial continues.

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