Boy, 5, vanishes in night to look for Coca-Cola Christmas truck after seeing it on TV

A FIVE-year-old boy vanished into the night after heading outside alone in freezing temperatures to look for the Coca-Cola Christmas truck after seeing it on TV.

The child – named only as Artyom – was wearing just pants and boots when he sneaked out of his family's home in -5C cold without his parents and five siblings knowing.

The youngster was missing for three hours and was later found by police shivering at a bus stop on Shchelkovskoye highway in Moscow.

He told them he wanted to find the truck – which he believed was a train – that features in the soft drink’s award-winning Christmas ads screened across the world.

CCTV footage shows the near naked boy running out of his block of flats on his solo mission to find Santa.

His exact movements are not known but cops say he walked along the side a busy road in the blistering cold before they found him.

He was visibly upset at not finding the red truck with it famous bright lights, according to police.

“I wanted to see it, I wanted to see it,” he told the officers.

It was a “miracle” he did not suffer severe frostbite in the subzero temperatures, said the reports.

“The child gave only the names of the parents, but could not explain the address of his block,” reported Life.

“The boy was taken to the police station, and later sent to the hospital as a neglected person.”

As soon as his parents woke and found him missing at 7am on Friday, they called the emergency services

The boy’s adoptive mother said later: “On the evening before he kept repeating all the time about a decorated train from the TV advert – and how he wants to see it and go on it.”

He had also drawn pictures of the presents he dreamed of receiving from Santa, she said.

The woman said she had not expected him to reach up to the door latch, let himself out, take the lift down five floors, and head out on his festive mission.

The boy remains in hospital in Moscow after he was exposed to the cold, but is expected to fully recover.

The family will now undergo checks from social services into whether he was neglected, say reports.

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