Boy, 13, is shot SIX times by robber at Brazilian hairdresser’s

Horrifying moment boy, 13, is shot SIX times but survives by robber who bursts into Brazilian hairdresser’s while the child has his hair cut

  • Live video stream captured shocking moment gunman burst in and opened fire
  • The unnamed youth cowers and slumps in the blood-splattered barber’s chair
  • The cuprit grabs something and flees the scene leaving boy collapsed on floor 

This is the shocking moment a 13-year-old boy is shot six times but survives as he gets a haircut in a barbershop during a social media live stream. 

The startling scene was recorded by a camera set up to record the haircut for social media in a barber shop in the city of Fortaleza, in the Brazilian state of Ceara. 

In the video, the teenager can be seen having his hair cut in when the barber suddenly looks to his side and loud gunshots are heard as the teenager squirms in pain, twisting from side to side. 

The barber glances to his right a moment before the first shot is heard on the horrifying video and the 13-year-old boy (centre) is hit

The barber runs away in fear as six shots can be heard ringing out and the teenager is left writhing in pain holding his chest. 

The gunman runs across the camera and appears to take something from another customer before running away whilst the teenager drops to the ground leaving blood spattered on the barber’s chair.

Local media report the teenager was shot six times and treated by the Mobile First-Aid Service (SAMU) before being taken to the Doctor Jose Frota Institute hospital to undergo surgery. 

The gunman, apparently wielding a revolver, runs past the 13-year-old youth he shot moments before and grabs something from another customer before fleeing

The victim remains in hospital whilst the barber and another customer were unharmed, according to local media. 

The Military Police of Ceara told reporters an investigation had been launched and they were searching for the gunman. 

No arrests have been reported and the investigation is ongoing. 

No motive has been provided for the crime.

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