Boris Johnson's dancing mocked by Russian politicians on state TV

Boris Johnson is mocked for his dancing by Russian politicians on state TV as they discuss NUKING London (but ‘letting the Welsh, Scots and Irish live’)

  • Resurfaced clip of Boris Johnson dancing in 2013 was mocked on Russian TV
  • The state channel branded the prime minister the ‘famous dancer’
  • They also discussed ‘destroying’ London – ‘the core of anti-Russian propaganda’

Boris Johnson’s dancing has been mocked by hardline Russian politicians on state TV as they joked about ‘destroying’ London – but sparing Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Footage of the prime minister boogying with a lightsabre-wielding London Assembly member when he was mayor emerged last week amid the ongoing ‘partygate’ scandal.

The viral clip reached state channel Rossiya 1 in Russia where pro-Kremlin host Vladimir Solovyov joked about the ‘famous dancer’ with hardline politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

The pair scoffed at the dancing prime minister making threats towards Russia as they also warned of a ‘big tragedy’ ahead for Europe, with London in the crosshairs.

Solovyov said: ‘How can one live without London and its famous dancer Boris Johnson? Do you suggest depriving world culture of famous dancer Boris Johnson?’ 

‘These are the people threatening us, telling us who we should be. Great country – she is with a sword. 

Boris Johnson’s dancing has been mocked by hardline Russian politicians on state TV as they joked about ‘destroying’ London

‘And Boris Johnson, I’m afraid to imagine what he has…. This woman is a member of the London assembly.’ 

In the stark and chilling ramping up of rhetoric amid fears of a new European conflict, the ultranationalist figures taunted the West with obliteration if it fails to give Vladimir Putin the ‘security guarantees’ he demands. 

While Zhirinovsky, a veteran MP and Liberal Democrat Party leader, has no power over the Russian government, his anti-Western threats are aired prominently on the state TV.

He said: ‘They’re partying for the last time… champagne, whisky…there is a big tragedy ahead for humanity, for Europe. There can only be a solution by force, no other.

Footage of the prime minister boogying with a lightsabre-wielding London Assembly member when he was mayor emerged last week

The then Mayor of London was dancing danced to the lively strains of All Night Long at the 2013 bash

‘After the start of an armed conflict in Europe the count [of victims] would be in millions. There would be no time to count.’

He told the TV audience: ‘Stop flying to New York – this city will soon no longer exist.

‘It’s time for events that no-one expects, that seemed a fantasy. The great America, the rich Europe – it all can stop.

‘With some part of Europe disappearing… Kyiv, Warsaw, Riga, Tallinn and London.

The resurfaced clip showed the PM dancing with Jeanette Arnold OBE in 2013 as she held lightsabre

Solovyov was watching the clip with firebrand far-right politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky (pictured) as they also discussed nuking London

‘Not all Europe should be destroyed – but London (yes). Let the Scots, Irish, Welsh live.

‘But (not) London, always the core of anti-Russian propaganda.’ 

Zhirinovsky, 75, is leader of the ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party and a six-time candidate in Russian presidential elections.

His pro-Kremlin party is fourth largest in the Russian parliament.

He declared: ‘We demand that [the West’s] weapons be moved away from the border with Russia.

‘All nuclear weapons including French and British should be taken out of Europe entirely.

‘And if all of these requirements are not met, and they will not be met, then there will be just one ‘sanction’ left.

‘We will make them, not voluntarily but by force, fulfil our requirements.

‘And for a long time, forever, to exclude the threat for Russia from the West. This is why there should be no West.’

Solovyov warned that ‘the only way to solve problems is by force of arms’ and that a nuclear war was possible.

Vladimir Putin holds a meeting with Zhirinovsky, leader of the ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party, in 2021

On the same TV show, Professor Dmitry Yevstafyev, of the Moscow Higher School of Economics, advocated the ‘denuclearisation of the degrading British monarchy’ which, with its atomic weapons, resembles ‘a monkey with a hand grenade prepared to pull the pin’.

Another MP – Yevgeny Fyodorov, 58, a member of the main pro-Putin United Russia party – also threatened the West with nuclear and biological war.

In a blast on Youtube he warned that Putin could decide on using atomic weapons.

The ultimate option ‘is a preventive strike with nuclear weapons’, he said.

‘Or even just with strategic missiles at a training ground in Nevada.

‘This is a US military training ground, there are no civilians there.

‘If we (give) a two, or three day, warning, this is quite a good option.

‘And a demonstration of the seriousness of our intentions.’

Fyodorov, founder of the National Liberation Movement, said another option for Putin, if the West viewed him as bluffing, was to destroy alleged US biological laboratories built in recent years in ex-Soviet states such as Kazakhstan and Georgia.

Such laboratories have been linked in fake news reports to Covid-19’s spread.

‘If he sees the Americans don’t understand and thought it was a bluff, then let’s then bomb their labs with biological weapons,’ he said.

These labs were in the former Soviet Union – ‘we have the right, this is our territory’, he said.

‘There are US troops there and biological laboratories.

‘We have the right to bomb.’

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