Biden's stimulus bill could be delayed due to fury over $1,400 checks for families with undocumented immigrants

JOE Biden's stimulus bill could be delayed due to fury over $1,400 checks for families with undocumented immigrants.

The Republican Study Committee wrote a three page document detailing how to fight against the huge $1.9trillion package.

The memo alerted conservatives to what they say are "all the left-wing items Democrats are hoping the public won’t find about."

Included in this list are claims that $1,400 stimulus checks are going to mixed-status families with undocumented immigrants.

Other claims include allowing Planned Parenthood to receive Paycheck Protection Program checks – something that was initially designed for small businesses.

Another is that nearly $600million will be provided for additional emergency paid family leave for federal employees and US Postal Service workers.

Representative Jim Banks has made the argument that taxpayers need to know what is in the huge aid package.

"The RSC is leading conservatives inside and outside the Beltway in opposition to this so-called ‘relief package.’ The more we learn about it, the worse it sounds," Banks told Fox News.

"That’s why we’ve put together a fact sheet to educate Americans exactly how their taxpayer dollars are being spent by Democrats."

The House Budget Committee approved Biden's bill on Monday afternoon with a vote of 19-16.

The full House of Representatives hopes to pass the bill later this week.

The stimulus package was rolled out on Friday and sent to the House, which is included in a larger legislation that would bring more money for vaccines an additional $400 a week in federal unemployment benefits.

President Joe Biden on Twitter said that the next round of stimulus checks are to be counted on top of the smaller $600 ones that were sent out at the beginning of the year.

"We committed to you, Democrat and Republican, a $2,000 stimulus check. $600 came forward last time around. Another $1,400 will be coming," Biden said.

Once the bill passes the House of Reps, Democratic leaders of the Senate are set on quickly moving the bill over to vote without going to various Senate committees that need to sign off first.

"The Senate is on track to send a robust $1.9trillion package to the president’s desk before the March 14 expiration of Unemployment Insurance benefits. We will meet this deadline," Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told members on Friday.

If Democrats are able to quickly sign the check through both chambers of Congress, Biden can sign the bill well before March 14, meaning Americans could receive the check by the end of March.

If relief checks pass through Congress on March 14 and a stimulus bill gets signed into law two days later, the first direct deposit checks are speculated to arrive during the week of March 22, CNET reports.

According to the news outlet, with a March 16 bill passage date, the first paper checks would arrive during the week of March 29 and EIP cards would be sent on the of April 5.

However, if Congress doesn't pass relief checks until March 22 and Congress ends up signing the bill into law on March 23, the first direct deposit checks would arrive into taxpayers' bank accounts on the last week of March.

With a March 22 passage date, the first round of paper checks would be sent on the week of April 5 and EIP cards would be sent out the following week.


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