Biden releases $100 million fund to help resettle Afghan refugees

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President Biden wants to use $100 million in emergency cash to help resettle thousands of Afghan translators in the United States, according to a report. 

The White House also released a further $200 million of inventory for US agencies required to meet those same needs, Reuters reported.

Around 2,500 people who worked as translators or provided other services for the United States have been granted special immigration visas (SIVs) and are expected to be brought to a military base in Fort Lee, Virginia for final processing.

The refugees would potentially face retaliation from the Taliban because of their assistance during the US war effort.

The first group of such refugees will arrive by the end of the month. A total of 18,000 visas are currently being processed.

Biden has promised a final withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by the end of August. The United States has had a presence in the country since the 9/11 terrorist attacks almost 20 years ago, making the war the longest in US history.

Taliban fighters have reoccupied large swaths of Afghanistan as US soldiers have pulled out, with many fearing a return to civil war later this year.

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