Babes in the Wood victim's dad reveals 32 year torment after killer Russell Bishop framed him

Barrie Fellows, 71, also claims the paedo murderer was helped by his ex girlfriends.

The "monster", 52, molested and strangled nine-year-old Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway in Brighton in 1986 but was cleared of the double murder a year later.

Barrie, Nicola's dad, told the Sunday People said: “He destroyed my family and I believe these women helped him.”

He says Marion Stevenson and Jennie Johnson lied to cops and covered for the sicko.

Stevenson told police she had seen Barrie watching a child abuse video of his daughter, and Johnson said in court that Russel's blue jumper did not belong to him.

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Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows were killed in Brighton in 1986

He said: “These women helped him take my family away, piece by piece, over the last 30 years.

“In some respects they are just as bad as him. They are going to pay too, if we have our way.”

Now he is threatening to take legal action against the pair.

The case against Bishop collapsed when Jenny retracted a statement admitting she gave him a jumper found discarded nearby.

Barrie said: “It sickens me that she knew the sweatshirt belonged to the perverted killer of two innocent ­children. She hadn’t been mistaken.

“She realised that what she had said would probably put him away for life. She went on to have another baby with him after he was acquitted.”

Barrie was arrested in 2009 after Stevenson complained to police, but he was cleared when officers found no case against him.

The dad added: “Enough people believed there was no smoke without fire and eventually it got so bad we were virtually driven out back to London.

“My marriage to Sue didn’t survive. Bishop was laughing his socks off. He was off the hook and his victim’s father was in the frame.”

Just three years after he walked free, Bishop was sentenced to life for the kidnap, sexual assault and attempted murder of a seven-year-old girl at Devil's Dyke on the South Downs.

He was jailed for life with a minimum of 36 years at the Old Bailey after being found guilty of murder following just two-and-a-half hours deliberation.

He was on trial for the second time over the killings under the double jeopardy law following a DNA breakthrough.

The case – branded Babes in the Wood – is believed to be the oldest double jeopardy case and Sussex Police's longest-running murder inquiry.

Karen was discovered lying across Nicola with her head in her friend's lap and their hands close together following the murder in Wild Park more than 30 years ago.

Bishop later told a neighbour the vision of them lying across each other was a sight he would never forget.

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