Austin mass shooting: Douglas John Kantor, 25, dies in attack that hurt 13 others & his brother says he ‘suffered’

A GROOM-to-be died in a mass shooting in Austin that hurt 13 others and his brother said he "suffered."

Douglas John Kantor, 25, died from his injuries in hospital on Sunday afternoon.

His brother, Nick, told KXAN that Kantor was "shot through the abdomen just below the rib cage," adding that the bullet went "straight through."

"He suffered from the time of the injury until time of death, it was the most gruesome thing I could think to wish on someone," he added. "It’s painful to discuss, but I think the public deserves to know what my brother suffered."

His brother added that Kantor, an IT worker, was set to marry his high school sweetheart before his life was taken.

Gunfire erupted at about 1.30am on Saturday morning, creating chaos in a popular bar scene.

One of the two suspected shooters has been arrested, however the other is still on the loose.

The motive for the shooting remains unclear as police continue to search for the suspects, who may still be a threat to the public.

Police initially reported 13 injured people by 1 suspect but later said there were actually 14 victims and 2 suspects.

"Authorities have zeroed in on two suspects in an overnight mass shooting in Austin that injured at least 13," reporter Tony Plohetski tweeted.

"Officials say there are now 14 victims," Plohetski later added.

Just after 2.30pm local time on Saturday, it was announced that one of the suspects was arrested.

"One suspect has been arrested in connection with the mass shooting in Austin overnight that injured 14 people," Plohetski tweeted.

Interim Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon said his officers responded "very quickly" to the incident at the 400 block of East Sixth Street.

"They were able to immediately begin life-saving measures for many of these patients, including applications of tourniquets; applications of chest seals and other types of first aid equipment," Chacon said.

Chacon initially described the suspect as a black male with a skinny build, dreadlocks, and a black shirt, saying the description is vague "based on the chaotic nature of the incident." 

As of Saturday afternoon, police said there are "two male suspects" that they are looking for in connection to the shooting.

Chacon said the shooting was an "isolated incident between two parties."

"I feel like we are going to be successful getting them into custody," Chacon added.

Thirteen injured people were transferred to area hospitals, where two are in critical condition. The fourteenth victim "self-transported" to the hospital, according to a reporter.

Since the area was heavily crowded, Chacon said officers transported some patients to hospitals in police cruisers because it was difficult to get the injured into ambulances.

Sixth Street is a popular downtown bar scene that regularly sees heavy foot traffic – potentially tens of thousands of people on a given night.

At the time of the shooting, the street had been barricaded to keep car traffic out of the area in order to facilitate the many pedestrians.

"Security (on Sixth Street) is always pretty good down here because of the way that we cordon off the streets, block off the streets, using barricades and try to keep people safe that way," Chacon said.

It is unclear how many shots were fired, although social media posts suggested it may have been 16 shots. Authorities say the shooter appears to have shot randomly.

"Officers initially located several victims who had sustained gunshot wounds and were injured," and began treating them, authorities said.

Video shared by a local reporter showed the chaotic scene as officers administered first aid.

Detectives are working to sift through videos from bystanders and surveillance cameras to identify suspects.

Chacon said the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force has been notified, adding that there has been a recent increase in gun violence.

"But what we have seen in recent months and over the last year or so is an increase in gun violence," Chacon said, "and so this is just emblematic of that, it continues, and it's something we're trying to work to decrease."

Police are asking anyone with information on the shooter to contact local authorities at 512-472-8477.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler thanked first responders for their quick response and urged anyone with information on the shooter to report it.

"We are fortunate not to have any fatalities but remain concerned for the two individuals in critical condition," he said at the time before Kanton passed away. "We are now focused on catching the suspect."

He went on to say the country is experiencing rising gun violence "as we exit the pandemic."

"This crisis requires a broader, coordinated response from all levels of government," Adler said. "One thing is clear – greater access to firearms does not equal greater public safety."

The Texas governor is expected to sign a "constitutional carry" bill into law that allows people to carry handguns without having a license.

The law would go into effect on September 1, 2021. The state currently has some of the laxest gun laws.

Abbott released a statement on the shooting on Saturday morning, saying he and his wife are praying for the injured.

"The Texas Department of Public Safety is working closely with Austin Police to respond to this shooting and ensure that the perpetrators are captured and punished to the fullest extent of the law," Abbott said.

"Thank you to APD and first responders for quickly responding to the scene and saving lives. Cecilia and I ask our fellow Texans to join us in prayer for those who were injured," he went on.

Bystander Taylor Blount, 26, told the Austin American-Statesman that he locked himself in a bar as the "intense" shooting unfolded.

"I only heard them from a single weapon and then everyone started running in different directions," Blount said. "People were freaking out a lot, and there were some people crying, but most people were just freaking out.

Blount said he watched as police dragged a man who had been shot in the ribs to safety and treated his wounds.

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