At least three injured after ‘huge gas explosion’ in West Yorkshire

At least three people injured after ‘huge gas explosion’ destroys flat in West Yorkshire town

  • Huge explosion shocked residents, with one saying her kitchen walls caved in 
  • Police said that at least three people were hurt, although it’s unclear how badly
  • People living by have been evacuated, with emergency services at the scene 
  • Are you nearby in Batley? Did you hear the explosion? Let us know: [email protected] 

At least three people have been injured after a gas explosion destroyed a flat in West Yorkshire.

The explosion was heard in the Hick Lane area of the town of Batley between 6.30pm and 7pm today. 

It’s unclear how seriously injured those involved are and nearby houses have been evacuated by police. 

Emergency services at the scene of a suspected gas explosion in Batley, West Yorkshire, which injured at least three people

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One woman revealed how she was sitting on the sofa at home when she heard the bang, with her kitchen walls caving in.   

Zoe Palmer told the Examiner: ‘I was sat on the sofa and my partner had just gone to Tesco and there was a big almighty explosion and the kitchen wall came through and the windows and some bloke dragged me through the window to get me out to help. I’m shaken’. 

Hannah Patel told Mail Online: ‘I was just around the corner from the explosion. There was a huge boom and I presume a fire as the whole sky was filled with smoke.

‘I’m presuming this road is still closed and now all cars are being diverted. The whole of the local streets are full of traffic trying to get through.’

Fire crews, ambulances, police and a police helicopter were all spotted near the scene of the explosion. 

Shocked locals shared photos of the aftermath of the explosion, showing smoke spreading through the night sky

Fire crews, ambulances, police and a police helicopter were all in attendance following the explosion

Police officers at the scene said: ‘It was a gas explosion in a domestic flat and at least three people have been injured and are on their way to hospital’. 

Residents took to social media to share their reactions to the explosion. 

One user commented: ‘Hope everything is okay in Batley. Heard the loudest bang I’ve ever heard.’

Another said: ‘Walking up the road in Batley and a bloody explosion went off! Hope everyone is okay.’

A third wrote: ‘Chaos all over Batley. Roads are clogging up. Heard the explosion very close to it. Pretty scary!’

West Yorkshire Police said in a statement: ‘Police and other emergency services are currently dealing with what is believed to be a gas explosion in the Batley area.

‘Officers were called at 6.47pm to reports of a loud noise.

‘A number of people have received burns and are currently being treated in hospital. It is not currently thought that anyone has suffered life threatening injuries.’

Chief Inspector Wayne Horner said: ‘I understand that this will have caused concern amongst the community; residents can be reassured that Police along with our partners from the other emergency services are on scene dealing with the incident.’

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