AOC’s self-inflicted wound — followed by another victim act

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would’ve looked a lot less shady had she and her staff accurately answered some simple questions from the start about whether she lives in the district she was elected to represent. Yet now she’s playing the victim.

On Saturday, The Post found that residents at Ocasio-Cortez’s listed address (her late father’s Parkchester condo) said they’d never seen her around. Other troubling signs include the fact that the mail routinely piles up for weeks.

Her spokesman, Corbin Trent, would only say, “We will not be commenting.” And the congresswoman herself ghosted a Post reporter at an event in Corona. So we reported all the facts we had in Sunday’s Post.

Only then did AOC & Co. announce that she still lives in the area with her boyfriend, in a bigger condo “a block and a half away.” Was that really so hard to say the first time?

Now she’s pretending it’s all about her safety, tweeting, “A man was just arrested last week with a stockpile of guns specifically trying to kill me [and] others, so yeah I’m not gonna disclose my personal address or tell people when I move. Sorry!”

In fact, the addresses of elected officials are public record. But The Post never intended to publicize her specific location, as we’d have told anyone on Team AOC who mentioned security fears.

And her habit of treating everything as a personal attack is getting old.

Corrected after getting numbers wildly wrong on Pentagon waste, she complains of people being “more concerned about being precisely, factually and semantically correct than being morally right.” Called out for bungling basic facts about the subsidies Amazon was in line for, she offers a five-tweet rant, whining, “Frankly, the knee-jerk reaction assuming that I ‘don’t understand’ how tax giveaways to corps work is disappointing.”

Nor does her latest victim act explain her lack of an office in her district. If renovations to her planned space are running late, well: Other pols in similar situations have paid to staff a few desks at a state legislator’s office in the district.

Instead, desperate constituents have resorted to leaving notes at the apartment where she doesn’t live.

It’s almost like AOC doesn’t realize who she’s supposed to be working for . . .

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