Anti-vax army clash with police outside Parliament in London

Anti-vax army clash with police outside Parliament as ministers plunge London into Tier Three

  • Thousands of protesters marched on Parliament Square after it became apparent London would be restricted
  • Government placed the capital into draconian Tier 3 restrictions after infections rocketed in the past week
  • The protest was organised by Piers Corbyn-linked StandUp X and saw a number of arrests by police 

Anti-vaxxer protesters have massed in London amid angry scenes as it was confirmed the capital will be put into Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions.

The ill-timed march was organised by StandUp X, using the encrypted Telegram messaging service favoured by IS extremists.

Over 16,500 people are supporters of the group and scenes at Parliament Square showed crowds being met by police.

Anti-vaxxer protesters massed in London this lunchtime as it was announced the capital would be put into Tier 3 restrictions

Police were seen detaining and handcuffing one woman, but have not commented on the number of arrests today

One woman held the placard calling for an end to lockdown despite the second national restriction being lifted already

It came just after it was revealed coronavirus infection cases in London and the Home Counties had gone ‘off the scale’.

Government sources had briefed the capital was expected to be placed into strict Tier 3 restrictions to try and control the spread. It was confirmed just hours later.

One protester was holding a placard reading ‘End the lockdown’, despite the second UK-wide restriction ending over a week ago.

Pictures of the march showed police arresting marchers as they tried to make their way through the capital.

Protesters can be arrested for breaking Covid regulations, which include social distancing and safety regulations 

Hundreds of people massed in Parliament Square after protest group StandUp X sent out a call for another demonstration

The group uses encrypted messenger Telegram to co-ordinate, which is a system favoured by some terrorists and extremists

The protest had been co-ordinated with military precision away from the eyes of the authorities.

StandUp X’s Twitter feed ordered followers to download the encrypted Telegram app.

It added: ‘Please can everyone download Telegram and join our Stand Up X channel.

‘We have 15K members on here, it’s so important that you all copy and paste this link and stay connected in your local towns. 

Piers Corbyn is a leading member of the UK’s fastest growing anti-mask protest group StandUp X, pictured earlier this year

The group’s other most prominent figures appear to be Igs Salz and a lady called Cassie Sunshine, seen earlier this year

‘It won’t be long before they delete us.’

Those at the march run the risk of being arrested for breaking Covid regulations.

MailOnline has contacted the Met Police for comment about this latest march 

StandUp X: The ‘community of struggle against the New Normal’

A newly-formed group designed to oppose many of the government’s rules and restrictions to try and prevent the spread of Covid-19, StandUp X describes itself as a ‘community of struggle against the New Normal’.

It has already held a series of marches and says it invites anyone ‘questioning the mainstream narrative’ to join in its ‘peaceful rallies’.

On its website, StandUp X says it does not consent to the ‘illegal and disproportionate measures’ and argues that Britain is ‘living in a state of authoritarian control’. 

Social distancing measures, the wearing of masks, the enforcement of lockdowns and ‘Covid Ghettos’ are among the rules and regulations StandUp X opposes.

It also wants to take a stand against vaccinations, claiming they ‘violate the principles of the Nuremberg Code’ – a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation created as a result of the Nuremberg trials at the end of the Second World War.

The code states: ‘Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned.’

StandUp X warns ‘forced, coerced and mandated’ vaccinations will see humanity become ‘a mass science experiment profiting billions for pharmaceutical companies and their partners including Bill Gates’.

The group also opposes track and trace methods, describing it as a ‘digital Gestapo’ and a violation of personal privacy., while it claims the rollout of 5G technology is ‘lethal to privacy as well as health’. 

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