Another Fox News Pundit Slams Trump, 'The Guy Who Couldn't Get A Date For The Prom' Over Chief Of Staff Fiasco

Criticism of Donald Trump on his favorite TV network, Fox News, has seemingly ramped up since Republican losses in the midterm elections.

Donald Trump has enjoyed an especially tight relationship with the cable network Fox News, often — as Politico has documented — directly lifting talking points from the network’s morning show Fox & Friends and repeating them on Twitter as if they were his own.

Trump also appears to be close to the featured nighttime Fox news host, Sean Hannity, repeating points from Hannity’s program on his Twitter account as well, as Media Matters reported. In fact, the New York Times has described a “symbiosis” between Trump and Fox News, noting that Trump this summer hired former Fox News co-president Bill Shine as his top communications official.

Trump also earlier this month named a former Fox News anchor, Heather Nauert, as his nominee to become the United States’ new ambassador to the United Nations, as Fox itself reported.

But following resounding Republican losses in the 2018 midterm elections in November, at least some fractures in the “symbiosis” between Trump and Fox news have become apparent, as the Inquisitr noted, with several Fox News on-air personalities openly criticizing Trump.

Frequent Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy, a conservative columnist, decried Trump’s use of “mob lingo” for Trump’s description of his former lawyer Michael Cohen as a “rat,” after Cohen agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in their investigations of Trump-related scandals, as the Inquisitr noted. Nighttime host Tucker Carlson also took a jab at Trump for failing to keep campaign promises, a shot also noted by the Inquisitr.

The latest Fox News personality to lash out at Trump is one of the network’s most veterans journalists, Brit Hume, who joined the network shortly after Fox went on the air in 1996, as Reuters reported. The 75-year-old Hume spent 12 years as Fox Washington bureau chief, and since his retirement in 2008 has served as a frequent panelist on the Fox News Sunday political discussion program.

On Sunday’s program, Hume ridiculed Trump over his inability to hire a new, permanent chief of staff after a series of candidates spurned Trump’s offer, as Salon reported. Watch Hume make his comments in the video below.

“He was like the guy who couldn’t get a date for the prom,” Hume quipped, as quoted by the Hill.

Trump finally named his current budget director, Mick Mulvaney, to serve as “acting” chief of staff. But as the Inquisitr has reported, shortly after Mulvaney accepted the job, a video from 2016 surfaced in which Mulvaney is heard describing Trump as “a terrible human being.”

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