America's best city for singles has been revealed

America’s best city for singles – with the most unattached women per capita and 55.4% of residents unmarried: ‘You don’t have to put in much effort’

  • Buffalo, New York beat out the Cleveland and Louisville to grab the top spot
  • Low rents and a bustling nightlife help make it a bachelor’s paradise
  • Six of the ten worst cities to be single are all in California

America’s best city for singles has been revealed – with Buffalo, New York beating out the nation’s top metropolises to grab the number one spot. 

The bachelor paradise won a glistening review in new research from the Thriving Center of Psychology, which found it boasts the most single women per capita in the country. 

It also has the ninth most single men and the third most single people in general per capita, according to the data, which also found three quarters of singles struggle to find a match without using a dating app. 

Buffalo’s position as the best place for the relationship-averse was cemented in a 2022 study by Lending Tree, which scientifically calculated which major city is the most single-friendly. 

The western New York city beat out Cleveland, Ohio for first place, thanks to its low rents, short commutes and high numbers of people who live alone. 

Buffalo, New York has emerged victorious in the list of best places in America to be single

Low rents and a thriving bar scene are the most attractive qualities for America’s single population

Buffalo residents said the single-scene is so good ‘there isn’t much effort that needs to be put in’

Among America’s cities that are ‘most friendly to singles,’ Buffalo’s 55.4 percent of unmarried residents helped it come out on top. 

The metro’s affordability is one of its most attractive qualities, with data from RentCafe finding the cost of living is 39 percent below the New York state average and five percent lower than the nations as a whole. 

Not needing to split rent allows Buffalo singles to live alone, an inviting factor that helped it beat the likes of Louisville, Kentucky and Detroit, Michigan. 

Also in the top 10 of most single-friendly US cities, according to the data, is St Louis, New Orleans, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh. 

But California’s unlucky-in-love may find their hometowns on the opposite list, with San Jose and San Francisco taking home the top spots of the worst areas to be alone. 

Six out of the 10 worst cities to be single are all in California. Compared to Buffalo, its single community experience longer commutes and more expensive dates, while the potential pool is also a lot smaller. 

Joining them on the list of least friendly singles spots is Seattle, New York, and Dallas, with other California cities LA, San Diego, Sacramento and Riverside also in the top 10. 

The rankings were calculated based on seven variables to determine which of America’s top 50 metros are the best to be single in. 

Median single-person income, monthly housing costs for mortgaged homes, rent prices, how many residents live alone, and a city’s unmarried population were all used to compile the list. 

The average round-trip work commute and non-family households that are owner occupied were also used to create the ranks. 

Speaking to the New York Post about what makes Buffalo so attractive to singles, residents said their affordable rents and bustling nightlife wins the day. 

‘You have this lifestyle here, a very easy going lifestyle,’ said professional matchmaker Therese Forton, 60. 

‘Whether your love is the arts and theater or our sports teams, it’s all affordable.’ 

Resident Trevor Kearns, 29, said Buffalo’s high numbers of single women and thriving bar scene make it a bachelor’s dream. 

‘When it comes to casual dating, there isn’t much effort that needs to be put in,’ he said.

‘There isn’t a ton of pressure to settle down,’ added bartender Thomas Crane. ‘There are a lot of young single people just focusing on themselves.’ 

‘You don’t need someone to split your rent with you,’ said Steve Carr, a 32-year-old currently paying $825 for a two-bedroom apartment. 

‘I’ve lived alone now for seven years and I couldn’t imagine even living with a partner.’  

Research from the Thriving Center of Psychology also produced some eye-opening statistics about America’s single population. 

Plenty of people believe it has never been harder to date, with 56 percent feeling it was easier in years gone by – even though 69 percent said they were content with being single. 

A thriving nightlife is one of the most desirable aspects of a city for single Americans

And as rampant inflation continues to plague the US economy, more than one in three said they have gone on fewer dates to save a couple bucks. 

For those that are able to land a date, 49 percent agree that it is socially acceptable to do background research on them before meeting. 

Almost one in five admitted to running a background check on their potential matches, and 14 percent admitted to their dates that they looked them up online first. 

In the competitive jungle of online dating, 35 percent of people said they don’t feel safe using an app to find someone – including 49 percent of women. 

One in seven who use the apps admitted that they don’t like using them, however 75 percent also said they find it hard to find a date without looking online.  

Three in four people also said they think Valentine’s Day is overrated, with 24 percent of single women routinely planning their own ‘Galentine’s Day’ between friends instead. 

Spokane, Washington holds the unenviable title of most divorces per capita in the US, followed by Jacksonville, Florida and Reno, Nevada.  

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