Amber Peat’s mother doesn’t believe she meant to take her own life

Amber Peat’s mother tells inquest she doesn’t believe schoolgirl, 13, intended to take her own life but wanted to ‘mark herself’ for self-harming ‘competition’ at school

  • Amber Peat found dead on June 2 2015 – three days after she went missing 
  • Her mother Kelly and step-father Danny Peat did not raise the alarm for 8 hours 
  • Mrs Peat said: ‘We thought she’d come back. I was giving her time to calm down’
  • Amber’s mother said her child would compete with school friends to self-harm  

Amber Peat’s mother today denied her daughter had wanted to kill herself and instead claimed the teenager was taking part in a self-harming ‘competition’ at school, an inquest has heard.

Kelly Peat said her 13-year-old child’s intention was to ‘mark herself’ rather than take her own life when she was found hanged in bushes in Mansfield in May 2015.

Mrs Peat and Amber’s step-father Danny failed to report her missing for eight hours after going to the supermarket, out for dinner and to the car wash.

She said today: ‘We thought she was going to come back. I was just giving her time to calm down’. 

Amber’s mother also told the Nottingham inquest into her death that she had smashed her daughter’s phone with a hammer during one big row.

She also admitted they would ‘butt heads’ over household chores but denied allegations that the 13-year-old was made to get up out of bed at 10.30pm and clean the floors for three hours.

Mrs Peat also sobbed as she knocked back allegations made by Amber’s youth worker that she laughed when her daughter gave her a note saying ‘I just want to be your little girl again’.  

Kelly Peat (pictured today) had put her daughter Amber’s disappearance down to ‘attention-seeking’ and had believed she would come back, an inquest has heard

Amber’s biological father Adrian Cook was at the Nottingham inquest today having claimed he found out the teenager was missing on Facebook

Amber was found dead in this hedgerow in Mansfield – but her mother believes she had not meant to hang herself

Amber’s biological father Adrian Cook was at the Nottingham inquest today having claimed he found out the teenager was missing on Facebook. 

Last week a police officer claimed that Mrs Peat showed ‘no emotion’ after the 13-year-old fled and gave ‘rehearsed’ information to police before putting Amber’s disappearance down to ‘attention-seeking’.

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Amber’s mother and step-father Danny Peat didn’t report her missing for almost eight hours after going to the supermarket and having supper. 

Daniel Peat said to police that Amber’s her ‘only hobby was reading and she had no real friends’

It is believed she was already dead by the time they called in the police. 

The last man to see her alive told detectives turned up at his door two days after he reported it to them.

Adam Lamb said the police asked if they could walk to where he last spotted Amber at 5.20pm on May 30 2015 and she was found hanging in the hedgerow nearby.

The coroner has been told the vulnerable teenager was being ’emotionally abused’ at home and subjected to a series of draconian punishments for ‘undesirable behaviour’.

On one occasion, she claimed she had been been awoken by her stepfather at 1.30am and told to mop floors as a punishment for failing to fulfil domestic chores. 

Amber vanished at around 5.10pm – but wasn’t reported missing until 12.56am the following day, after her parents had their dinner and went shopping.

Tragically she was already dead by that point.

PC Nicola Roe was one of the first officers to respond to the missing persons call from Kelly Peat.

She went to the family home with a colleague and was told by the 37-year-old that Amber had stormed out of the house after being asked to clean out a cool box. 

Kelly Peat, and step father Danny Peat appeal for missing Amber to come home – but by that time she was already dead

The family did not report Amber missing until they had ‘been to Tesco and had their tea’. Pictured above the missing poster which was put up once it had been reported that Amber was missing 

Asked by coroner Laurinda Bower for her observations about Kelly, PC Roe replied: ‘She was quite matter-of-fact about how she was describing the situation.’

Amber Peat wrote to her mother Kelly telling her: ‘I just wanted to be you little girl again’ – but she laughed at it, the inquest heard previously

The officer said she ‘wasn’t really surprised’ because ‘people present differently’, adding: ‘She seemed tired but not particularly emotional. Not upset, maybe frustrated.

‘She explained the background that she had gone missing previously in similar circumstances, and referred to her throwing temper tantrums and attention-seeking behaviour.’

PC Roe said the family ‘seemed quite well rehearsed in giving information to the police’, and ‘the general consensus was they expected her back the next morning’.

She added: ‘They said she normally came back at night and that is why they left it quite late to report it.’

In extraordinary scenes last week Amber’s biological father was described as ‘nothing but a sperm donor’ and subjected to ‘vile abuse by her stepdad’, he told the inquest into his daughter’s death. 

Adrian Cook found out about the 13-year-old’s disappearance on Facebook and tried to contact her mother, Kelly Peat, for information, but was bombarded with angry insults from Danny Peat.

Danny Peat told Amber’s estranged father: ‘She is not your f****** daughter. She wants nothing to do with you. You are nothing but a sperm donor’, the inquest heard.

Peat, who ran away from home and was found dead in hedgerow three days later felt she was being ‘humiliated’ by her stepfather and cruelly forced to do household chores. 

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