Adams says Yang campaign has been ‘trailing’ him for ‘months’ on NJ home

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Mayoral front-runner Eric Adams complained Thursday of his rivals “trailing me for months” to dig into his whereabouts amid controversy about whether he lives in New Jersey.

“This it the funny part, Dan. They’ve been following me for months. They know where I am,” Adams said to PIX11’s Dan Mannarino, when asked about the former NYPD captain quipping Wednesday that fellow contender Andrew Yang should pick up his E-ZPass records.

“So for his campaign and other campaigns to say this — they’ve been trailing me for months. They know where Eric is,” he added, referring to himself in the third person, as the Brooklyn borough president often does. “They want to turn this into an issue.”

The Yang campaign called Adams’ claim he was followed “paranoid.”

“Not only is Eric lying about where he lives, he’s paranoid too,” said Yang campaign spokesman Jake Sporn.

Adams’ comments come after the former cop took reporters on a tour of an apartment in a brownstone he owns in Bedford-Stuyvesant where he says he lives, in an attempt to counter a detailed Politico story published Tuesday that suggests Adams resides in the Garden State. Politico reported that “sources on rival campaigns” and reporters from the news outlet saw him coming to Borough Hall before midnight on four consecutive nights in a row last week.

Though the borough president publicized that he slept at Brooklyn Borough Hall during the pandemic and has said he lives in the building he owns, his muddled voting and contribution records — coupled with his ownership of a co-op in Fort Lee with his partner — sparked queries on where Adams actually lives.

Additionally, Adams appeared at online forums at least two mayoral forums while in his Fort Lee apartment in January and February, and made five virtual appearances in 2020, Politico reported Wednesday, citing matching publicly available real estate listings and Zoom backgrounds.

But Adams on Thursday continued to insist he lives in his Bed-Stuy row house.

“I’ve lived there, we need to be clear on that,” Adams said.

“I love my neighborhood, I love my block, I love being in Bed-Stuy. I live at Lafayette Avenue, that’s where I live.”

The Democratic primary will be held on June 22. Early voting starts Saturday. Adams holds a six-point lead over Mayor Bill de Blasio’s former counsel Maya Wiley in the mayoral race, with Yang dropping to third place, according to a recent poll.

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