911 call reveals grisly scene at Colts Neck mansion fire

It’s the moment a New Jersey man discovered his neighbors had been slaughtered.

The man who called 911 to report the Colts Neck mansion fire where a family of four was found killed last month stumbled on one of the dead bodies after a 911 operator asked him to investigate the scene.

“Oh my God, there’s blood here — it’s a corpse,” the caller, who identifies himself as Boris Goldstein, gasps to the 911 operator in a recording published by Asbury Park Press.

Goldstein called 911 to report a fire at the million-dollar mansion owned by his neighbors Keith and Jennifer Caneiro around 12:30 p.m. on Nov. 26.

“I see the smoke from behind, it’s my neighbors’ home behind me,” he says in the recording. “Smoke’s coming out and there’s a person laying down.”

“Can you get over to them?” the operator asks.

That’s when Goldstein found Keith, who was shot multiple times — allegedly by his business-partner brother, Paul Caneiro.

“Somebody is dead here,” Goldstein shudders, as the 911 operator instructs him to retreat to safety.

Keith was shot dead outside and Jennifer and their two young kids, Jesse and Sophia, were all found stabbed to death in the house.

Investigators believe Paul, motivated by money, slaughtered the clan in cold blood before the sun rose, and then set a fire in the basement to consume the bodies and other evidence.

He is charged with four counts of murder and weapons charges, as well as arson counts, for also allegedly setting fire to his own Ocean Township home in a failed bid to cast himself as a victim.

He allegedly sparked the blaze around 5 a.m. with his wife and adult daughters still inside.

One of the women appears disoriented in another 911 call placed from that house.

“I have no idea [where the fire is], our alarm just went off and our house is full of smoke. Everyone’s outside,” an unidentified female’s voice says in those recordings, also published by Asbury Park Press.

“I have a turtle inside too,” the caller admits.

“Don’t go back in for it,” the operator responds.

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