WTF: The True Spirit of Christmas Lies in This 'Frozen 2' Doll Set That Costs $30,000

Frozen 2 has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office, but there might be even more money to be made on the merchandise side of the market. Plenty of toys, clothes, lunchboxes, candy and more are being sold with the Frozen brand plastered all over them. But none seem as tacky or ludicrous as a new Frozen 2 doll set that costs $30,000. That’s right, for roughly the price of a college education, you can get Anna, Elsa and Olaf. So why the hell do they cost so much? Find out below.

Frozen 2 Doll Set from Roberto Coin

Those are the $30,000 dolls from Roberto Coin that are exclusively available at Saks Fifth Avenue luxury department store. What makes them so special? Each of the three characters comes with 18K white or yellow gold jewelry with real diamonds, sapphires, and amethyst. Here’s the description of these ludicrous dolls:

“The Disney’s Frozen 2 x Roberto Coin Collection features fractal snowflake shapes symbolizing Elsa’s inner strength and power, Anna’s iconic, colorful wheat pattern representing her warmth, optimism and the Fall seasonal palette from the film, and Roberto Coin’s ruby signifying his wish and dream of a joyful future. It also features a cool dusting of Olaf signature pieces to warm your heart. Roberto Coin signs each of his jewels with a small ruby, inspired by an ancient Egyptian legend that a ruby touching the skin brings happiness, prosperity and love. This limited edition doll set features Elsa, Anna, and Olaf outfitted in sparkling gems.”

And here’s the rundown of the jewelry shown in the Frozen 2 doll set above, which, again, costs $30,000:

Orange sapphire, 0.25 tcw
Yellow sapphire, 0.05 tcw
18K yellow gold

Orange sapphire, 0.30 tcw
Yellow sapphire, 0.10 tcw
18K yellow gold

Amethyst, 0.81 tcw
Green tourmaline, 0.10 tcw
18K white gold

Diamond, 0.73 tcw
18K white gold

Diamond, 0.48 tcw
18K white gold

Diamond, 0.48 tcw
18K white gold

Who the hell are these for? Are there Frozen fans who feel the need to have their memorabilia adorned with expensive jewelry? Are there kids out there spoiled enough to want these dolls simply to play with and eventually lose? This is America, so of course the answer is yes. But that’s what Christmas is all about, right?

Pick up these dolls or just take your kids to see Frozen 2 about 1,000 times. Because these dolls cost $30,000. Ugh.

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