Woody Harrelson’s Chaotic ‘SNL’ Monologue Ends With No Five-Timers Club Jacket

Woody Harrelson hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time and the actor was seemingly expecting to get his five-timers club jacket but things didn’t go as expected.

Harrelson took the stage at Studio 8H for a monologue that was truly chaotic. He started off by talking about how divided the country is and described himself as a “redneck hippie.”

“You know, the red in me thinks you should be allowed to own guns,” he said. “The blue in me thinks – squirt guns. So, I’m red and blue which makes purple. I’m purple.”

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Harrelson then talked about hosting the NBC late-night sketch show for the fifth time receiving a roaring round of applause from the audience.

“And you know what that means…,” Harrelson said extending his arms out waiting for someone to put on the five-timers club jacket.

However, the Triangle of Sadness actor looked around and no one showed up.

Things start getting strange when Harrelson goes down memory lane to the last time he hosted SNL, which was on Thanksgiving 2019. He recalled reading a script disclosing that he had smoked a joint before doing so.

“The reason I like herb more than alcohol is because it makes me feel good, no hangovers and I never wake up covered in blood,” he said.

Harrelson said he had decided to quit smoking pot…. until after the show. Furthermore, he said that last year he went seven months without alcohol “and five glorious months.” Harrelson then got sidetracked for a moment and called out his manager for transporting the herb to NY from LA.

More rambling continued about the script he was reading about the government forcing its citizens to take a drug to be able to get out of their lockdown.

“I threw the script away. I mean, who is going to believe that crazy idea? Being forced to do drugs? I do that voluntarily all day long,” he said.

The monologue ended with Harrelson extending his arms again as a signal he was ready to get his jacket but nothing happened. Harrelson ended his monologue with no five-timer club jacket for now.

Watch the monologue in the video posted below.

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