Will there be a season 6 of The Seven Deadly Sins?

FANS in the US are eagerly anticipating the conclusion of The Seven Deadly Sins, a popular Japanese anime adventure series.

The hit show features a deposed princess who is on a quest to find "a disbanded group of evil knights" to help take back her realm.

Will there be a season 6 of The Seven Deadly Sins?

All 24 episodes of season five of The Seven Deadly Sins – titledDragon’s Judgement – have been released in Japan.

However, only the first 12 episodes have dropped in the US on Netflix, and it is not clear when the remaining episodes will be available.

According to What's on Netflix, those final episodes could stream on Netflix in the fall of 2021, but that has not been confirmed.

The show features a group of knights representing the seven deadly sins.

They are battling against a group of tyrannical Holy Knights who have conquered a large kingdom.

Elizabeth, a princess, realizes the only way to defeat the Holy Knights is to enlist the help of The Seven Deadly Sins.

After teaming up with Meliodas, the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, the pair go on a quest to find the six remaining Sins.

Fans are hopeful that the sequel movie, Cursed by Light, will also be available on Netflix at some point in the future.

The movie will be released in Japan in July of 2021.

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