Why is Mika hosting Eurovision? Star speaks out

Mika discusses being a host for the Eurovision Song Contest

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Mika, who is best known for singing the hit Grace Kelly, appeared alongside The One Show hosts Ronan Keating and Alex Scott to discuss all things Eurovision this evening. The contest will be returning to screens on Tuesday, May 10 and 40 countries will be taking part, with the competition hosted by Italy. Eurovision fans were surprised to hear Mika was one of the hosts this year and he addressed how he got the job when he spoke live from Italy. 

Ronan asked: “Were you surprised to get the call [to host]?”

The singer replied: “Well, I’m not Italian. So yeah, I felt really honoured and quite humbled by it, really. 

“I have done television in Italy. I learnt to speak Italian just because I got this opportunity to go and do The X Factor in Italy. 

“I learnt in a couple of months, luckily my Italian is better now, the ironic thing about this whole thing is that I’m gonna do Eurovision, the biggest TV show Italy has ever had to put on, and the whole thing is in English.”

Alex asked him how he was feeling about the job and he said: “Honestly I feel a bit nervous and overwhelmed, it’s all becoming a bit real. 

“You work on it for ages and it’s just like stepping into a parallel universe, everything becomes about Eurovision and I have never seen something as big as this. 

“There are 1,600 people working backstage at this very moment.”

When asked what he thought of the UK act, Sam Ryder, he said he had been told he was “not allowed to express any preferences”. 

He did add: “Sam Ryder is really, really good and he’s got a really good chance, his song is really good.

“I just saw him on stage doing a sound check and he’s classy, elegant and he’s the star of the whole thing.”

He said there were some touching moments to come, as well as extravagant costumes and quirky props. 

He will also be performing his new single on Eurovision, along with the other two hosts. 


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The star hopes to spread a “giant message of love” on the night. 

Mika, 38, was born in Beirut to an American-born Lebanese mother and an Israeli-born American father.

When Mika was a year old, his family was forced to leave war-torn Lebanon and moved to Paris.

His family then made the move to London when he was nine. 

Also on The One Show sofa was singer Jack Savoretti, who joined in the Eurovision chat. 

On why he is teaming up with BBC Radio 2 for extra coverage, he said: “I wanted to really focus in on what’s happened musically in Italy in the last 50 years.”

Viewers could not get enough of the Eurovision conversation as they gear up for the first semi-final. 

Debbie said on Twitter: “Jack Savoretti talking about the beauty of Italian (and further European) music on #TheOneShow is genuinely so interesting!

“I could listen to him talk about it for hours you can feel his passion!”

The One Show airs weeknights on BBC One at 7pm. Eurovision 2022 starts on Tuesday, May 10 and will air on BBC Three. 

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