Why Did Captain Sandy from 'Below Deck Med' and Girlfriend Leah Shafer Land in the ER on July 4th?

Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean and girlfriend Leah Shafer may be laying low this July 4th holiday. The couple ended up visiting the emergency room during a visit to Yawn’s family after Shafer injured her toe.

While Yawn was at the New York City Pride parade, Shafer returned home to be with her family.

When the couple reunited in Jacksonville, Florida to visit Yawn’s sister, Shafer went to the emergency room to have her toe checked out. Yawn recorded the visit as Shafer sat on a bed.

She fought with a hose and the hose won

Apparently, Shafer tangled with a hose and somehow broke her second toe. She posted the X-ray of the injury to her Instagram story that shows the toe is indeed broken. “Hey Leah, where are we on the fourth of July,” Yawn asks as Shafer sits on the ER bed. “In the emergency room,” Shafer exclaims.


“Because she broke her toe on a hose!” Yawn says. Shafer hilariously adds, “I got hosed.” But adds that they managed to still get their egg white bites. “But we had egg white bites,” Shafer laughs.

Shafer admits she was stubborn. “And the hose won,” Yawn says. Someone from the ER walks in as Yawn and Shafer remark about the great treatment they received.

Shopping makes it all better

How do you follow up a trip to the ER? A trip to Target! But since Shafer is moving slower than usual, she decides to hop on one of the store’s scooters. While they look pretty user-friendly, they aren’t as plug and play as they may appear.

She tries to figure out the contraption as there are several buttons on the scooter dashboard. “How do you do it,” Shafer asks. Yawn tells her to just press start. But Shafer keeps looking for the button and instructions.

Shafer finally figures out how to turn the scooter on but it still isn’t moving. Yawn puts down the camera to help her get it going. Hopefully, they came home with a good haul.


Thankfully Shafer shared a video that shows they made it to the beach with the family. She looks happy and relaxed as the family prepares for some July 4th fun.

This isn’t the first time these two found trouble

When they were recently in New York City Yawn and Shafer lost their hotel room key twice. The first time they lost the key, Shafer was too busy getting into her egg white bites to worry. The ladies chilled in the hallway while Yawn filmed the debacle.

But then the room key goes missing again. Shafer posted a video to her Instagram and wrote, “Once again, our room key was lost!!! Somewhere in my bag! Sooo, after removing all contents, that I must have, low and behold the key was found!! Hahaha what is it about us and room keys hah.”  


The key was finally found inside Shafer’s gorgeous (and voluminous) Louis Vuitton bag. Yawn commented, “The black hole! I can’t! So freaking funny!”

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