‘Who would touch him with a barge pole except his mum?’ Ranvir brutally mocks Andrew

Prince Andrew: Myers discusses attempts to return to public life

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ITV presenter Ranvir was discussing speculation Prince Andrew might accompany the Queen to the upcoming Epsom Derby during her Platinum Jubilee weekend. Speaking to journalists Susie Boniface and Russell Myers on Lorraine, the Good Morning Britain star questioned the prince’s public appearances and remarked only his mother would “touch him with a barge pole”.

The swipe came as Ranvir and guests on the ITV show discussed Prince Andrew’s possible attempts to re-establish his “princely status”.

“The Queen, with Prince Andrew on her arm, was the only photograph from the remembrance of Prince Philip – why was he there?” Ranvir asked.

“Why is there any question mark at all over whether he will be publically paraded at the Platinum Jubilee?”

“You’re right, these are huge question marks,” royal expert Russell replied. He continued: “It’s an important year for the Queen-“

“To celebrate all that’s good!” Ranvir cut in, reiterating her surprise that Prince Andrew could risk jeopardising the celebrations.

“Absolutely,” Russell stated. “And to celebrate her 70 years on the throne. And just to go back to last week, that service for Prince Philip because they were unable to have a funeral for him because of Covid restrictions, that should have been the only thing that we were talking about.

“And yet when we heard Prince Andrew was going to be escorting the Queen into Westminster Abbey, taking her to her seat… Well, that was the only thing on everybody’s lips and minds.”

He added that it “seems as though he [Andrew] is trying to push himself into the front and centre”.

Ranvir asked: “Susie, we don’t criticise the Queen, she doesn’t really deserve criticism, she’s had an impeccable reign obviously, but how do you feel about it?

“There’s a sense in the Royal Household nobody really wanted that to happen.

“It comes down to a mother choosing her son to be front and centre despite all the advice she’s been getting.”

Susie explained: “She’s always done what’s best to protect the crown all the way through, so some people saying perhaps she’s starting to be a mother first.

“I think, to be honest, she couldn’t really argue with Andrew in Westminster Abbey.

“She couldn’t say, ‘no I’m walking with someone else’, if he kept hold of her hand she had to keep walking.

“It’s more in my mind about to why he wants to do this – you just paid £12million for a scandal to go away and he knew full well, as did the rest of the Royal Family, if he turned up at the Abbey that would be amplified all over again.

“Why would he choose to do that? It’s obviously not something anybody really would choose.

She speculated Andrew was “trying to retain his status as a prince”.

Ranvir replied brutally: “Well, who would touch him with a barge pole now? Apart from his own mother…”

Russell answered: “The issue is he’s probably the only person in the world who thought that he would be able to engineer himself back into front-line duty.”

Prince Andrew settled his sexual assault case from Virginia Giuffre in an out of court settlement. He has always vehemently denied the allegations made against him.

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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