Who Will Win ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 5, According To Oddsmakers

Season 5 of Fox’s hit reality competition show “The Masked Singer” kicked off in March 2021, and it’s been a wild ride thus far. For the uninitiated, the series title pretty much lets the audience know what’s going on. On “The Masked Singer,” celebrities in all walks of life are invited to don over-the-top costumes and perform a popular song on stage — at which point, judges and viewers can guess who might be hiding under the mask. Since premiering in 2019, the show has been a surprise hit, gaining traction ever since.

Season 5 may just be the most epic installment yet, as it kicked off with a shocking reveal. The Snail was the first to be eliminated, leading to the unmasking of the show’s first non-human contestant: Kermit the Frog! Next to be kicked off was the Phoenix, A.K.A. reality star Caitlyn Jenner. “My family are professionals at keeping secrets,” Caitlyn shared with Entertainment Weekly, explaining her reasoning behind telling daughters Kendall and Kylie that she was on the show. “And I said, ‘You can’t believe it, girls, this is what I’m doing.'”

As the show heads into the quarterfinals, there’s bound to be plenty more surprises ahead, and bookies are working overtime in good news for anyone who feels like trying their luck. Here are the odds on who will win “The Masked Singer.”

Bookies name this bird the most likely to win The Masked Singer

A US-Bookies spokesperson exclusively revealed to Nicki Swift that “Black Swan is currently the favorite to win the Golden Mask this season.” This isn’t too surprising, as Gold Derby recently conducted a poll where the fan-favorite bird came out on top in viewers’ hearts. “A majority (51%) of our poll respondents voted for Black Swan, the beautiful, long-necked bird, who also happens to be the last woman standing,” the outlet wrote. US-Bookies notes that “with 1:1 odds, Black Swan holds a slight lead over Piglet, who’s 3:1.” But who could be hiding under all the feathers? At 1:4 odds, pop star JoJo is the odds-on favorite to be Black Swan, while Nick Lachey is believed to be Piglet.

The creatures’ competitors — Russian Dolls, Yeti, and Chameleon — are polling at 6:1 odds, 10:1 odds and 14:1 odds respectively to win the show, per US-Bookies. As for the mysteriously sinister bird of prey known only as “Cluedle-Doo,” Donnie Wahlberg tops the list of possibilities at 7:4 odds. US-Bookies reports that he’s closely followed by “Community” star Joel McHale, who’s also Twitter’s choice. As for the identity of the other competitors, US-Bookies places 1:5 odds on the Hanson brothers as the Russian Dolls, 5:4 odds on Omarion as Yeti, and 10:11 odds on rapper Wiz Khalifa as Chameleon. However, there’s a 100% chance that the rest of the season is just as entertaining as its beginning.

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