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LOVE Island fans had to say goodbye to two more contestants after another shock dumping.

The two Islanders were sent packing after receiving the lowest number of votes for the public's "favourite couple".

Who left Love Island last night?

Last night two contestants were dumped from Love Island after the public voted for their favourite couples.

Danica and Jamie were revealed to be vulnerable alongside Dami and Indiyah and Adam Collard and Paige Thorne.

Sadly it was Danica and Jamie who got the boot.

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Who has left Love Island so far?

Danica Taylor – DUMPED

Danica Taylor made her entrance in dramatic fashion and arrived in the villa on June 17 , 2022, as a bombshell.

While many viewers at home thought she would've turned some heads, Danica failed to find a romantic connection with five different boys.

However, she managed to find a connection with footballer Jamie Allen just days before the show's final.

But in true Love Island style, there was another shock dumping and the couple were sent home on July 27.

"I’m walking out of here with somebody who I genuinely think I’ve got quite a good connection with," Danica said before leaving the villa.

"I’m so proud of myself."

Speaking about her new romance with Jamie, she explained: "It’s still early days for me and Jamie but we just clicked.

"I remember the first night he came in and we were just talking. I didn’t know anything about him, I didn’t know where he lived, his family, or his career but we’d spoken all night.

"I felt his energy and that he really liked me and wanted to get to know me for me – that is a feeling that I hadn’t felt with any of the other guys."

Jamie Allen – DUMPED

Professional Footballer Jamie Allen, 27, entered the villa on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, as one of the four bombshells.

Straight away he revealed that he had his eyes set on Danica.

Jamie made his feelings known during the following night's episode with him telling the dancer: "You intrigue me, that's why I wanted to speak to you first."

Things were going well for the two but in a shock dumping on July 27, the pair received the fewest votes from the public and were sent home.

Although Jamie's time in the villa was short but sweet, he spoke of how he and Danica would keep going on the outside, he said:"Definitely – there’s no reason why not. That doesn’t change the connection we have.

"We’ve already talked about a few dates we’re going to tick off the list. We’re definitely going to see each other on the outside 100%."

Reece Ford – DUMPED

Model, 23

Reece Ford, 23, was dumped from the Villa after he and Nathalia Campos received the fewest votes by the public for the most compatible couple.

The model from Coventry entered the villa as one of the four new bombshells on July 20.

While he tried to pursue Danica Taylor, she admitted her feelings were more with bombshell Jamie Allen.

Speaking about his time in the villa, Reece said: "I’d say it’s a once in a lifetime experience. I got on well with everyone in there. They’re all really nice, genuine people."

Nathalia Campos – DUMPED

Content creator, 23

Nathalia Campos entered the show as one of the four new bombshells.

While she tried to turn Adam and Davide's heads, the two revealed they were happy in their current couple.

The 23-year-old was then left in a couple with Reece Ford and the pair established that there was no romantic connection between them.

The two were then dumped after receiving the lowest number of votes from the public.

Speaking about her time on the show, Nathalia said: "At the time that I walked in I thought there could be something for me but after being there I saw that the couples in there had a strong connection having been together for a long time so I don’t think more time would change that."


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Lacey Edwards – DUMPED

Professional dancer, 25

Lacey Edwards entered the show on Wednesday, July 20 after two constants were dumped from the Villa.

Her time on the show was short but sweet as she managed to find a connection with Casa Amor boy Deji Adeniyi.

The pair coupled up but failed to receive enough votes from the public to keep them in the villa.

Speaking on her experience, Lacey said: "I am just honestly really grateful that I got to be a part of the show.

"I’ve made really good friends and I am excited to see what happens with me and Deji."

Deji Adeniyi – DUMPED

Accounts manager, 25

Deji Adeniyi, 25, was dumped from the villa after the public voted for their most compatible couple.

He entered Love Island as one of the six Casa Amor boys and instantly felt a connection with Indiyah Polack.

But when they returned to the main villa Indiyah made it clear her feelings were still with Dami Hope.

The accounts manager from Bedford then managed to find a connection with new bombshell Lacey Edwards.

However, they both failed to receive enough votes from the public to keep them in the competition and were therefore dumped.

Speaking after his exit, Deji said: "I stand by what I did. I don’t want to change anything. I was true to myself, which is why I went for Indiyah and why we got along as much as we did.

"If anything was fake she would have picked up on it and I would defo have not been myself. I wouldn’t change a thing."

Coco Lodge – DUMPED

Graphic designer/ring girl/shot girl, 27

Coco, 27, was dumped after the public voted for their favourite boy and girl from the villa.

As the graphic designer from Surrey got the least votes, she had to leave the villa.

She said the vote didn't come as a surprise to her.

She said: "When I heard that viewers were voting for their favourite Islander, I did expect to be at risk based on the fact I didn’t have a connection there.

"At first, I felt sad to leave because it’s such an amazing experience and I felt sad to leave everybody in there – we had all become like a family.

"However, everyone is in couples and I was kind of on my own so I was excited to get home, see my friends and see my puppy – I was excited."

Coco came in as a bombshell during Casa Amor, causing a stir in Andrew and Tasha's relationship.

Josh Le Grove – DUMPED

Model, 22

The islanders were faced with another public vote, where the two least popular contestants had to leave the villa.

Out of the three boys with the least amount of public support – Andrew, Deji and Josh, 22-year-old model from Essex Josh was the one sent packing.

He was one of the six boys who came in during Casa Amor, and said he was going on Love Island because he's "always been single."

He came back to the main villa with single Danica, but their connection fizzled out.

He said: "I feel like what I’d seen physically and on a personality level, it was Danica I had my eye on.

"It was more about getting in there and seeing what the vibe was like with them.

"Everything happens for a reason and I’m just glad those guys get another opportunity, especially Tasha and Andrew because if they’d have gone home, that would have been sad – they’d just become official."

Jacques O'Neill – WALKED

Rugby player, 23

Jacques entered the villa with the promise that he would cause quite a stir due to being Gemma's ex-boyfriend.

He was coupled up with Paige Thorne from the get go.

However, Jacques got chatting to other girls after the OGs left for Casa Amor.

This caused quite a stir and initially, Paige couldn't forgive him.

However, after getting back together, Jacques decided to quit the villa.

It was after hunk in trunks Adam Collard made a shock return to the villa.

Jay Younger – DUMPED

Investment analyst, 28

Jay Younger caused shockwaves in the villa when he entered the show on week two.

However, after a brief fling with Ekin-Su, the investment analystfailed to find another connection.

He was dumped from the villa on July 11, 2022.

Speaking to ITV after his exit, he said: "It was incredible. An amazing experience and I’m so grateful and feel so lucky to have experienced it. "

Chyna Mills – DUMPED

Youth support worker, 23

Chyna Mills instantly caught the eye of Jay when she walked into the villa.

The pair seemed to be getting on well and he chose to recouple with her after being in a friendship couple with Danica prior to Casa Amor.

Chyna is a 23-year-old youth support worker from Leeds.

Sadly it wasn't meant to be, and the couple just became friends, and were dumped from the Island.

Jazmine Nichol – DUMPED

Night club manager, 21

Jazmine Nichol entered the main Love Island villa during Casa Amor and started getting to know the original boys.

She is a 21-year-old nightclub manager from Newcastle.

Before entering the villa, Jazmine said: "I could flirt with a wall if it would talk back.

"I’ve never not got a boy I wanted."

Sadly she failed to connect with any of the boys.

George Tasker – DUMPED

Labourer, 23

George Tasker is from the Cotswolds and arrived at the start of the Casa Amor stage in the series

Asked why he was joining Love Island, George said: "I’ve been single now for three years."

"I had a relationship with a girl from Australia – my only girlfriend," he continued.

"It was a long distance relationship so 10,000 miles apart for almost three years.

"I’m a lot more mature now and I know what I want in a relationship," he concluded.

Sadly he failed to connect with any of the girls in Casa Amor.

Jack Keating – DUMPED

Social media marketing, 23

Jack Keating's dad is Boyzone singer-turned-TV-host Ronan Keating, who presents The One Show.

Jack's the second child of a celebrity signed to the show, along with former Liverpool and England striker Michael Owen's 19-year-old daughter Gemma.

Sadly he failed to connect with any of the girls in Casa Amor.

Samuel Agbiji – DUMPED

Model, 22

Samuel Agbiji is a 22-year-old model from Manchester.

Asked why he wanted to be on the series, he said: "I have been in a serious relationship before and I believe I’ve been in love before and healing from that relationship took a while but also I learnt a lot about myself and a lot about what I want in a partner.

"I feel like I’m at the stage where I’m happy by myself but I’m ready to pursue a connection with someone again and see where that will take me."

Sadly he failed to connect with any of the girls in Casa Amor.

Mollie Salmon – DUMPED

Makeup artist, 23

Mollie Salmon started cracking on when she entered the hit dating show but hasn't seemed to find a deep connection.

Mollie and Jacques seemed to be getting on well until he told her he just saw her as a friend.

Mollie left the show when Casa Amor ended.

Cheyanne Kerr – DUMPED

Cabin crew, 23

Cheyanne Kerr set her sights firmly on Jacques who was coupled up with Paige before the girls headed to Casa Amor.

It looks as though Jacques is quite fond of Cheyanne but meanwhile Paige is staying loyal.

Before heading into the villa, Cheyanne said: "I am not wanting to upset anyone or hurt anyone's feelings purposely but I am going in there for a reason and they're going in for a reason as well."

Cheyanne left the show when Casa Amor ended, despite hooking up with Jacques.

Antigoni Buxton – DUMPED

Antigoni Buxton was voted off the show in a dramatic double dumping.

The public voted for their least favourite or "compatible" couples, leaving Antigoni, Tasha and Danica at risk.

It was then up to the boys to eliminate one girl, and for the girls to eliminate one boy.

Luca announced the boys decided to vote for Antigoni.

He said: "You're all beautiful girls inside and out. Obviously we're all here to find love and we had to see who has more of that established.

"The girl the boys have decided to dump is Antigoni."

Charlie Radnedge – DUMPED

Charlie Radnedge was voted off the show in a dramatic double dumping.

The public voted for their least favourite or "compatible" couples, leaving Antigoni, Tasha and Danica at risk.

It was then up to the boys to eliminate one girl, and for the girls to eliminate one boy with Charlie, Andrew and Jay at risk.

Ekin-Su revealed who the girls voted for: "It was hard for us to decide and just had to come to a decision together.

"The guy the girls have decided to dump from the island is Charlie."

Amber Beckford – DUMPED

In a dramatic vote, the public decided Amber was the least popular girl in the villa, and she was therefore dumped from the island.

Amber, a 24-year-old nanny, was part of the original cast of the 2022 season, and spent two weeks coupled up with Dami Hope.

The pair got off to a promising start after viewers coupled them together, but later on, things between them cooled, and it became clear they weren't a match made in heaven.

Commenting on the public's decision to dump her, Amber said: "I was shocked about the dumping in general and was shocked to be going home.

"Ekin-Su has brought a lot of drama and Tasha is definitely a sweetheart.

"I expected it a little bit when I knew it was between the three of us."

Ikenna Ekwonna – DUMPED

Ikenna was the second contestant to get booted off the island as part of the shocking double dumping, alongside Amber.

The pharmaceutical salesman, 23, had been paired up with Indiyah Polack since coming in to the villa, but the couple failed to establish a romantic connection.

However, some fans were quick to argue that his exit was a 'fix' to clear the path of Amber's partner Dami cracking on with Indiyah.

After leaving the villa, Ikenna said Love Island was "definitely the best holiday" he's ever been on.

He said: "I didn’t find romance but it was nice to be in the Villa, nice to have a pool in the heat, couldn’t really complain.

"Obviously short-lived but that’s cool though."

Remi Lambert – DUMPED

Remi Lambert was the second islander to be dumped from Love Island.

The 22-year-old is a model from Manchester and had only just entered the villa.

As well as working as a model he is a rapper and fans were given a glimpse of his skills when he first sat down at the fire pit.

Despite pulling girls aside for a chat, Remi failed to make a connection and when Danica Taylor arrived it was time for a recoupling all round.

As there were still more boys than girls, this meant one boy would have to pack his bags and leave the villa after the girls all got a chance to choose who they’d like to couple up with.

Danica opted to couple up with Luca Bish, nabbing him from Gemma Owen, which left the footballer's daughter a choice between Davide Sanclimenti and Remi – and she opted for the former.

Fellow islanders were left shocked and rushed to say their goodbyes before the islander packed his case to go.

Remi later appeared on spin-off show Aftersun and looked glum as he told Laura Whitmore that being on Love Island had been the "best experience".

Afia Tonkmor – DUMPED

Afia Tonkmor was the first Islander to be officially dumped from Love Island in week two.

She failed to find a connection with anyone in the villa, and found her time on the show cut short.

Speaking to ITV after her shock exit, she said:" Obviously I’m going to miss everyone in the villa.

"But I’m going to keep trying to find love. I’m sure Mr Right is out there somewhere.

Afia added: "Initially I was attracted to Dami but then throughout the experience it was more Ikenna.

"I did get the vibe that things were going well for Indiyah and Ikenna quite quickly."

Liam Llewellyn – WALKED

Liam Llewellyn shocked Love Island fans by quitting the show just days into season eight.

He delivered the news to his fellow islanders after gathering them around the firepit on Friday, June 10.

The 22-year-old Welsh student – who was single in the villa at the – told the Islanders: "So, obviously we all came here for the same sort of reason, but I haven't been giving 100 per cent Liam.

"I know what that looks like and I'm miles off that.

"Trying to find someone to leave the villa with is the goal, but when you're not feeling that, it makes it a hard time to find that.

"I've thought about this a lot, it's not a spur-of-the-moment type thing.

"I've made the decision to leave the villa. It's been a breeze, it's been an absolute ball. You are all unreal."

Liam was originally coupled up with international dressage rider Gemma Owen, but it wasn't long before her head was turned by business owner Davide Sanclimenti.

However, after hearing the news that bombshells Afia and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu were entering the villa, fans voted for him to go on a date with both of them.

He appeared to hit it off with the new girls, but then Ekin-Su decided to show a stronger attraction towards Davide in the villa.

Who is left on Love Island?

The Love Island contestants left in the villa are as follows:

  • Adam Collard
  • Luca Bish
  • Gemma Owen
  • Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu
  • Davide Sanclimenti
  • Tasha Ghouri
  • Andrew Le Page
  • Dami Hope
  • Indiyah Polack
  • Paige Thorne
  • Danica Taylor
  • Coco Lodge
  • Billy Brown
  • Summer Botwe
  • Josh Le Grove
  • Deji Adeniyi

How can I watch Love island 2022?

Love Island is on ITV2 and the ITV Hub.

A new episode will air every night at 9pm Sunday to Friday.

If you're going on your hols and don't want to miss a second of the drama, here's our explainer on how to watch Love Island abroad.

Sick of all those ad breaks? Here's how to catch up on Love Island episodes without ads for free.

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On Saturday nights there is a highlights episode, which will also air unseen footage from the villa.

And on Sundays, Laura Whitmore hosts Aftersun with a panel of experts after the main show airs.

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