Who Killed Sara season 3 release date: Will there be another series?

Who Killed Sara?: Netflix releases season two trailer

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Who Killed Sara has been following a group of interconnected characters as they hunt down the truth of murdered Sara (played by Ximena Lamadrid). The Netflix show has prided itself on its many twists and surprises, with season two set to add even more. But will there be another series?

Will there be another series of Who Killed Sara?

The series is focused on the murder of Sara and the long road that lead to her eventual demise.

At the end of season one, fans were no closer to known Sara’s fate, which left the door open to season two.

Just five days have the premiere of season one, Netflix confirmed the follow-up season, giving fans a lot of hope for a further season in the future.

Currently, Netflix has not confirmed the renewal of the show, with the fate of the series being determined by the events in season two.

Which no plot points for season two released in advance by Netflix, it is hard to know whether or not the show will continue beyond season two.

Much of the series explores the events before Sara’s death, with many of the characters in the show having dark and mysterious pasts for themselves.

If the show was to continue beyond the reveal of what happened to Sara, it could pick up with one of these characters.

The show will likely continue after season two, with season one being named Netflix’s most popular foreign language series in the U.S., according to Deadline.

In Deadline’s report, they explain that the Mexican series had an estimated 55 million subscribers to the platform watching the show.

Netflix likely does not want to confirm season three until season two has fully aired, for fear of spoilers and wild fan speculation.

Three weeks ago, on April 27, Netflix released a deliberately vague trailer for season two, which gave fans some hints without revealing any plot details for the next season. 

Many fans rushed to the comments to share their excitement for the new season, and how they feel it will go.

One fan said: “Sara definitely isn’t who we think she was, I cant wait to see what happens!”

Another fan added: “I always got bad vibes from Sara from the beginning so I’m excited to see what else will be revealed.”

A third said: “This the fastest Netflix ever dropped a second season to any show.”

Series one of the show premiered in March of 2021, just two months ago, making it the quickest turnaround in Netflix history.

This could mean the show was always intended to be just two seasons long, coming together to form a closed story.

However, it could also show Netflix’s excitement for the series, keen to keep the momentum going following the success of season one.

Who Killed Sara is created by José Ignacio Valenzuela, a Chilean filmmaker also known for the series Y mañana será otro día major and La Hija Pródiga.

Valenzuela is back for season two, with news on the future of the series expected soon after the premiere of season two.

Express.co.uk will update this story when more details for season three emerge.

Who Killed Sara season two is available to watch on Netflix.

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