'Who Killed Sara?' Season 2: The 1 Character Who Didn't Deserve Their Fate

It did not take long for Who Killed Sara? Season 2 to ascend Netflix’s Top 10 chart when it arrived on May 19.

After waiting weeks to learn the killer’s identity, fans — and Alex Guzman — seem to finally know the truth. With elements of a telenovela, crime thriller, and twisted romance, the show managed to up the stakes for more than one character.

Rodolfo, Chema, and Elisa Lazcano couldn’t seem to escape the rotten parts attached to their family’s name, leading to collateral damage. After digesting every episode in seasons 1 and 2, there is one person in the story who really got the short end of the stick.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Who Killed Sara? Season 2]

‘Who Killed Sara’ has plenty of casualties

While Sara takes center stage in this complicated tale, some fans found themselves more scared of her than for her. She abused her mother, opened up a can of worms with her asylum-dwelling father, and did unkind things to Chema, Rodolfo, Nicandro, and Marifer.

But others in this show are unapologetic killers. Sergio, Elroy, and Mariana and César Lazcano left a trail of bloodshed and heinous crimes in their wake. Besides Sara, other deaths seen on screen include Abel Martinez, Elroy’s parents, Elroy, the women in the basement, Clara, Moncho, Lorenzo, Marifer (who probably had it coming), and Sergio.

Some casualties didn’t come in the form of death. Chema turned himself in to the police, Rodolfo parted ways with Bruno and Sofia, and Elisa mentally checked out. There is a lot of loss and trauma, and Cesar is the only one living it up.

Lorenzo was an innocent bystander

Early on, Lorenzo had misgivings about using Clara as his and Chema’s surrogate. Something felt off. Viewers not only learned that she and Marifer plotted out an agenda to trick the couple, but she also had a wicked ex-boyfriend. Lorenzo really went along with Chema and Clara’s nonsense out of love. And it cost him.

Within minutes, he found Clara and Chema in bed together and then got caught up in a deadly standoff with Moncho, the abusive ex. Yeah Chema stabbed the guy to save Lorenzo, but who had to bury the body a second time — and do it alone?

After that, he tried to coach Chema through the detective’s questions, but Chema blew it. And somehow, Moncho’s brother figured out their involvement, their address, and killed poor Lorenzo. As one of the show’s most level-headed characters, he didn’t deserve to die over someone else’s mess.

César doesn’t deserve a happy ending either

If there’s one person in Who Killed Sara? who has nine lives, it’s definitely César. He faked his own death, beat Sergio, evaded arrest, and is somehow chilling and living luxuriously. In addition to committing crimes (including sex with a minor), he impregnated his son’s woman, made Alex go to prison, crapped on the Guzman family, and mistreated all of his kids.

Though there’s no guarantee the series is receiving a third season, César should receive a comeuppance if a new installment is greenlit. In the meantime, condolences to Lorenzo.

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