Who is Ryan Pilkington in Line Of Duty and will he be the next Caddy?

LINE Of Duty is back with an bang and has left fans in shock as Ryan Pilkington has returned as a police officer.

The OCG member has a killing streak and fans believe he is the new Caddy.

Who is Ryan Pilkington in Line Of Duty?

Ryan Pilkington, who we saw in season 5 as a fully signed-up member of the OCG, has returned as a bent copper in MIT and is PS Jatri’s replacement.

He is recognised by DI Kate Fleming, but she can't seem to remember where she knows him from.

In the last season we saw Ryan, played by Gregory Pike, kill John Corbett by slitting his throat.

Then, in one of the final scenes of the series, we saw him as a police cadet in his passing out parade.

When did Ryan Pilkington first appear in Line Of Duty?

Ryan, still played by actor Gregory, first appeared in season one as an 11-year-old.

In the first series we saw he had a miserable home life, and terrorised his council estate.

Back then, his job with the balaclava gang involved delivering “burner phones” and collecting drugs while riding around on his BMX bike.

He also was the one who tried to cut off Steve Arnott’s fingers with a bolt cutter.

For fun, he liked to terrorise an old man called Alf Butterfield.

Ryan and his mates also exploited the hospitality of a man with Down’s Syndrome, Terry Boyle, who would let them hang out in his flat.

Will Ryan Pilkington be the next Caddy?

WARNING Contains spoilers from season 6 of Line Of Duty.

Fans strongly believe Ryan IS the next Caddy.

You will remember corrupt copper Matthew Cottan was known as The Caddy, as he used to be a golf caddy.

He was killed in season 4, and now viewers think Ryan is taking his place as he has infiltrated himself within the MIT.

In the second episode of season 6 we saw him picking up DSI Joanne Davidson in a police car.

He then revealed that he would be replacing PS Jatri, after she had appeared to have been framed by Joanne.

He then dropped her off and desolated carpark where she picked up a burner phone.

Now he is fully embedded in the MIT, fans want to know what he will do next.

Catch the next episode of Line Of Duty on Easter Sunday (April 4, 2021) at 9pm on BBC One.

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