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MRBEAST is a superstar YouTuber who is known for his online stunts, and is one of the rare few to past the 100M subscribers mark.

But helping to bring those videos to life is his trusted cameraman, Tareq Salameh.

Who is MrBeast cameraman Tareq Salameh?

Tareq Salameh was born on December 9, 1994 is a Youtube star and MrBeast's head cameraman.

He is known for helping to make his viral stunt videos, and sometimes makes a few appearances himself.

Because of this, Tareq has garnered his own loyal fans on the popular channel.

His boss MrBeast, AKA Jimmy Donaldson, first joined YouTube in 2012, originally uploading clips of videogame playthroughs.

However, the turning point was in January 2017, when he shared a video of him counting to 100,000, which took a total of 40 hours.

After going viral, he joined a competition from PewDiePie to become the most-subscribed channel on Youtube.

As McBeast's popularity grew he took on more staff, and Tareq joined his team.

Which MrBeast videos has Tareq Salameh appeared in?

Although he is usually a voice behind the camera, Tareq has made several appearances in some of McBeast's videos.

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He is best known for appearing in Spending 24 Hours In A City With No Laws, where he signs up for the open-mic as a comedian.

Tareq is also known for the McBeast video Selling Houses For $1.

This involved a mini-challenge that was hosted between two cameramen, him and Brady Deluxe.

The challenge was to see who can win the house by putting a hundred pennies in a briefcase.

In I Got Hunted By A Bounty Hunter, he teamed up with Jimmy, and they had to run away from a real life bounty hunter.

For the McBeast video Make THIS Shot, Win $300,000, Tareq was tasked to do a basketball shot from a bridge to a boat on a river.

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