Where is Hollington Drive filmed? Where is the domestic thriller set?

Hollington Drive: ITV releases gripping teaser for new thriller

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Hollington Drive will make its debut on ITV on September 29 and the highly-anticipated TV series follows two sisters. Theresa (played by Anna Maxwell Martin) and Helen (Rachel Stirling) are bound together in a toxic co-dependent relationship. The goings-on in Hollington Drive only amplify this, and Express.co.uk has all you need to know about where it was filmed.

Where is Hollington Drive set?

As the name suggests, the road is almost classed as a character in its own right in the series.

Hollington Drive is home to Theresa, who is a neighbour to Jean (Jodie McNee) and her 10-year-old son.

Their children get along well, but things take a dark turn when Jean’s son goes missing and is later found dead.

Theresa cannot help but think her own son, Ben (Fraser Holmes) knows something about his disappearance.

Fans are under the impression the families in the series are close and enjoy spending time together.

However, this is just the calm before the storm as the children do not return home in time, following an evening of playing together.

Theresa goes in search and she is overwhelmed with fear when she spots the children at the edge of a woodland area.

They are fighting, and she is worried something terrible has happened to Jean’s son.

The series is focused on how far parents will go in order to protect their children and maintain a strong family unit.

Like with most residential streets, the blissful facade can easily be broken.

Where is Hollington Drive filmed?

The series is predominantly filmed in Wales, with the crews having been spotted in Sanatorium Park in Cardiff.

Writer Sophie Petzal said she had a clear vision of what she wanted the street to look like.

She said: “I was looking for homes with their own unique character, that didn’t belong to a particular period or region.

“It was quite difficult to find that in Britain, but I got to be part of the conversation the whole way through, and I was so lucky the locations manager found a street that was exactly what I had imagined.”

The creators said it took six months to find the perfect street, and they went through over 100 locations.

The series was filmed amid the coronavirus pandemic and Helen actress Stirling said it was “odd” to be working in those times.

She said: “I think we’re just adaptable and I’m so proud that our industry went back as quickly as it did.

“People need new telly and it must be made, so where there’s a will there’s a way.

“Everyone’s a bit more concentrated now and there’s less faffing on set – we don’t all break for tea and pass around sandwiches anymore, but I quite enjoy getting on with it.”

Commenting on the street used in the series, Petzal added: “I was so lucky the locations manager found a street that was exactly what I had imagined.

“It has white houses that look comfortable and aspirational. Overall, it feels compelling and inviting, even though the subject matter is dark and kind of twisted.”

The drama is about shattering the illusion of a perfect middle-class life when something terrible happens.

The writer added: “We wanted to expose and explore that. We don’t go into detail about where Hollington Drive is, or how much money anybody makes, but you just know the characters whose son has been killed don’t live in a lovely big house, they are in the slightly more rundown part of the street.

“So when the child goes missing there are all these judgments about the parents, but when it comes back to you and yours, all that moral superiority disappears.”

Hollington Drive will air on ITV on September 29, at 9pm.

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