What’s on TV: Monday, December 10

The Secret Life of Four Year Olds

Ten, 7.30pm

The four-year-olds are now five but that doesn't prevent the enjoyment of this anodyne series coming from the stream-of-consciousness nuttiness peculiar to small children navigating a fathomless world. New girl Nina, thrown into the mix at the simulated pre-school where every utterance is recorded for use at the participants' 21st birthday parties, is having her first experience of Mean Girls-like social exclusion (get used to it, Nina – there'll be plenty more before you graduate from high school).

The secret life of four year olds.

The audience is also learning as much about the parents as the children, with maverick kid Keanu parroting a whole lot of narcissistic enabling self-congratulation that indicates he's either an office psychopath in the making or destined to be the head of a tech start-up-slash-surfwear company. LD

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