What happened to JJ Chalmers and what are his injuries?

TV presenter JJ Chalmers is competing in this year's Strictly Come Dancing.

In 2011 he was injured in a bomb blast in Afghanistan.

What happened to JJ Chalmers?

JJ Chalmers, 33 served in Afghanistan as a Royal Marine.

In 2011 he was on foot patrol in Helmand province of Afghanistan when an Improvised Explosive Device went off.

He told Metro: "every time you stepped out the front door of one of your checkpoints, you were just surrounded by these these deadly indiscriminate weapons."

Explaining what happened, he said: "Unfortunately, one of my friends stepped on one of these devices, the blast went off underneath his feet, and all the rubbish that gets thrown off of these IEDs are buried in the ground, just came my way and it just pulverised my body."

It caused him serious injuries that required at least 30 operations and an intense rehabilitation process that involved learning to walk and dress himself again.

After the explosion, he was taken to Camp Bastion, put in an induced coma, then flown back to the UK.

Medics had to rebuild his elbow and the structure of his body while he was in the coma.

JJ has since joked that it looks as though he's been bitten by a shark in his torso due to the flesh that was taken from there to fix his elbow.

JJ told  Stark Talk: "I remember being on my back in more pain than I’ve ever experienced. I felt like I’d been crushed.

"Both my arms had more or less come off.

"My right arm just wasn’t there at the time, my left hand had lost all of its fingers.

"The next thing I remember is just feeling completely helpless."

On another occasion he told Boys Don’t Cry : "In the end, of course, it was my girlfriend when I woke up in a hospital bed who dragged me through all this nonsense. I wouldn’t be here without her."

JJ went on to marry Kornelia Chitursko, his then-girlfriend.

What are JJ Chalmers' injuries?

JJ suffered a number of injuries, including a crushed eye socket, broken neck, burst ear drums, a destroyed elbow, and two missing fingers.

It took him around four to five years to learn how to use his new body.

JJ has said that Strictly Come Dancing will be a test for him.

He told Metro: "I can barely lift my arms above my head," but that he's looking forward to challenging his body.

Strictly Come Dancing continues tonight (October 31) at 7.10pm.

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