What Aquaman's Patrick Wilson thinks some superhero movies get wrong

Aquaman star Patrick Wilson has revealed what he thinks some superhero movies get wrong.

Wilson plays Orm – the half-brother of Arthur Curry and ruler of Atlantis – in the well-received new Worlds of DC movie. It’s a role that sees him have to deliver lines about wanting to be “Ocean Master” and lengthy speeches, but he wasn’t afraid of it.

“If you start from a real place, you can go as huge as you want. Maybe that’s just the theatre animal in me as well. If I’m playing a Greek tragedy or doing some contemporary play, the style may be different, but the emotion is the same,” he told Digital Spy.

“You just have to fill it, you can’t run from those words. It’s not unlike doing a horror movie in that regard where you have this crazy dialogue of exorcising demons, it’s the same kind of thing.

“You’ve got to embrace the language, you can’t run from it. I think that’s the problem maybe that people run into in this genre. If you feel like you’re apologising for your outfit… you’ve got to live it, you’ve got to embrace it.”

Aquaman also sees Wilson work with director James Wan for the fifth time, following The Conjuring and Insidious movies.

“We have a terrible relationship, but we keep coming back,” joked Wilson. “I know that in him, I’m gonna get a guy where it’s going to feel comfortable and easy in that regard, but also he’s gonna push me and I welcome that.”

It’s something echoed by Wan, who says that the pair get “more and more comfortable with each other” every movie they make.

“We really trust one another. If something is not working, I can just go up to Patrick and say, ‘You know, let’s try it like this’ and he would do that with me,” he added.

“It’s great, we have a shorthand approach to things. Patrick is such a fun, cool guy to work with, it makes my job that much easier. Making movies is so difficult and having someone that you enjoy working with goes a long way.

Wan has also been teasing the references to his previous movies that are in Aquaman, especially one that is his favourite Easter egg.

Aquaman is released in UK cinemas on December 12 and US cinemas on December 21.

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