Wendy Williams breaks down in tears as she gets ready to meet THREE men on dating competition after nasty divorce

WENDY Williams wept as she prepared to meet THREE eligible bachelors in a dating competition.

The daytime talk show host finalized her nasty divorce from Kevin Hunter last year.

Wendy said during Hot Topics: " My hands are sweaty… Like oh my gosh, today is the big day. Sorry, I cry when I'm nervous."

Today, Wendy met the three finalists after the show put out a casting call to help her find a new boyfriend earlier this month, and hundreds of bachelors applied, she said.

Wendy ultimately chose to go out with Mike who works in real estate and home improvement.

Wendy went on at the top of the segment: "I'm teary cause I can't believe I have a show, first of all. I say that all the time… I can't believe I have a show, even though we've been on for 12 years. I can't believe I've been afforded such a great career, even though it's been 36 years.

"And I can't believe what I've always said to the listeners and now the watchers, if I wasn't married, I would certainly be using this as a casting couch.

"Honestly… It's really easy for me to meet men because I'm not shy at all… Even when I was married, I was married, but I wasn't dead…"

Wendy previously of getting back into dating: "I certainly am in for a good time. I would like to have many boyfriends until I have the 'one.'

"And when I say many, I would maybe like to stop and hone it down to maybe like three. And they can't all be in the same zip code. That gets too confusing…

"What I would warn you and what I would think about once you would see my event on Lifetime. Or if you go online, it's there, pieces of it and stuff, don't get freaked out by me. I can only be me."

Kevin and Wendy married in 1997 and have a 20-year-old son, Kevin Jr.

She filed for divorce in 2019 after Kevin allegedly fathered a child, reportedly named Journey, with Sharina Hudson.

Wendy and her former show DJ, Boof, were linked for most of 2020, but the show replaced him with DJ Suss One.

Wendy also recently claimed she shared a one-night stand with rapper, Method Man.

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