Virgin River’s Hope McCrea star sparks frenzy after dropping update

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Annette O’Toole stars as Hope McCrea on Netflix’s hit drama, Virgin River. With fans anticipating the release of season five, the actress took to social media to post a major filming update. 

Although Virgin River came to a satisfying end for many of its characters, things were left hanging in the balance for Hope. 

After she had been absent for the majority of season three, Hope drove back to the small California town to attend the funeral of Lilly (Lynda Boyd).

However, during her journey, she was caught up in a hurricane and ended up in a catastrophic car accident. 

As a result, Hope was rushed to the hospital for emergency brain surgery and although it was seemingly successful, Doc Mullins (Tom Matheson) remained worried

Hope struggled to readjust to life with her diminished motor skills as well as the grief after the loss of Lilly. 

As well as traumatic brain injury, Hope admitted she had PTSD about Doc’s involvement. 

After an honest conversation, she and Doc agreed to work through everything together, including attending all appointments. 

With Hope’s health still in question, the actress gave fans some relief as she shared a filming update on Instagram. 

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A post shared by Annette O’Toole (@annetteotoole4152)

Alongside a photo of Hope, Annette wrote a caption, which read: “Today was my last day of shooting on Virgin River Season 5. It has been a wonderful time. 

“This is me modelling the Truss scarf (pattern by Tanis Fiber Arts) I made for my incredible make-up artist, Lyne Denomme. She liked it very much.”

Fans rushed to the comments to share their anticipation and excitement for the upcoming season. 

@melckvirginriver shared: “We love Hope and we love you Annette can’t wait for season 5.”

@votour.cheryl commented: “Can’t wait for season 5! Love you Annette.”

An excited @ferrarianam shared: “I love so much your participation in Virgin River. The couple between you and doc is exceptional. Congrats.”

A fourth fan @adellelouise added: “Love Virgin River. You are amazing in it. Can’t wait for Season 5!”

The showrunner Richard Keith also paid tribute to the actress and thanked her for her work on the show. 

He wrote: “It was so wonderful to work with you this season. Everyone is going to love all the fabulous work you did this season!”

To which, Annette responded: “Thank you Richard. It was an absolute joy. Welcome aboard the Virgin River train!”

Although bosses are yet to confirm a season five release date, fans have remained hopeful there will be a season six timeline. 

Virgin River seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix 

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