University Challenge fans ‘screaming at TV’ as teams fail to guess music icons ‘Annoyed!’

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Quizmaster Jeremy Paxman challenged the players to identify some pop music tracks, starting with Jennifer Lopez’s 1999 hit If You Had My Love. Fans of the BBC Two trivia show flocked to Twitter when they were left yelling the answers at their television in frustration at the contestants’ lack of musical knowledge. 

The music round eventually got underway when Louis George of St John’s College Cambridge identified J-Lo’s classic track. 

However, presenter Paxman was clearly unimpressed by their slow start. 

All eight players were nonplussed as they scrambled for an answer before Louis put them out of their misery. 

Paxman teased the guests: “You did get there, well done!”

Unfortunately, the round went from bad to worse as St John’s proceeded to stumble over the next three questions. 

They were challenged to name three more artists who won the Icon Award at Billboard’s Annual Women in Music Awards. 

St John’s quickly identified Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time but struggled when it came to recognising the iconic voices of Mary J Blige and Aretha Franklin. 

Louis suggested Kelly Rowland for the former, and the whole team agonised over whether to give Franklin as their answer for the final bonus question.

Their host exclaimed: “It is Aretha Franklin! Unmistakable, I’m surprised it took you so long.” 

Many in the audience also agreed with Paxman’s assessment of the Soul singer’s voice. 

Several viewers took to Twitter with the answer and vented their frustration when the team took several moments to respond correctly. 

Twitter user Tolu G said: “Lmfao they didn’t even know that Jennifer Lopez song. I’m so annoyed.” [Sic]

“How can you not instantly recognise Aretha Franklin’s voice. Damn,” they later added.

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Laura added: “Screaming at the TV – it’s Aretha!! #UniversityChallenge.”

“I thought for a heart stopping moment they weren’t going to identify the voice of Aretha Franklin,” said Neil Murray. 

“In the end they guessed correctly. B****y students!” 

And a fan named Pat said: “Very clever young people on #UniversityChallenge just now weren’t sure if a singer was Aretha or Ella Fitzgerald. 

“I’m done. The world has taken a very wrong turning.”

While other fans simply took their woeful attempts as a clear sign a top university education only gets you so far. 

Melissa Surgey said: “Tonight’s #UniversityChallenge teams struggled to identify Jennifer Lopez and Aretha Franklin and didn’t know about Blackburn Rovers’ Premiership win. 

“Which just proves a world class education can’t teach you to retain that sweet sweet pop culture content.” 

The competition heats up again next week as two more teams battle it out in the second of two highest scoring loser matches.

University Challenge airs Mondays at 8:30pm on BBC Two.

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