Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague looking at £25,000 protection dog for new £12,000 a MONTH home after terrifying burglary

MOLLY Mae-Hague and Tommy Fury are looking at protection dogs for their new home following their recent £800k burglary, The Sun can reveal.

The Love Island stars left their Manchester apartment after the terrifying incident over fears for their safety, and are now renting a new £12,000-a-month pad.

Boxer Tommy and Molly, both 22, are living in a gated home in a secluded part of Cheshire favoured by football stars like Wayne Rooney and Kyle Walker.

And now it seems the robbery will cost them even more, because Tommy is making enquiries about buying a £25,000 attack dog.

The Sun previously revealed that Tommy and Molly ditched their apartment just hours after the incident, before reportedly hiring 24/7 security.

A source revealed: “As soon as the burglary was discovered, Molly said she’d never live in the flat again and that she wanted the security of living in a house.

“But the prices for rent are crazy and they are looking to buy somewhere asap. Tommy also says he wants a guard dog because they are a real deterrent.

“Most of the footballers in the area have them and the burglars just stay away because these animals are ferocious.”

The dogs cost between £10,000 and £25,000 depending on training and are often Belgian or German shepherds, Dobermanns or giant Cane Corsos.

Two UK firms – K9 Chaperone and Elite Protection Dogs – use pups from military or police backgrounds.

They are trained to change from docile family pet to vicious attack dog if an intruder is detected.

London-based Elite Protection Dogs reveals: “All of our puppies come from military and police backgrounds with generations of experience in protecting borders, searching for missing persons and drugs, and sniffing for bombs in warzones.

“With all respect to other breeds, we intend to use two breeds of canine only as our cadets. These are the Belgian Shepherds (Malinois) and the German Shepherds. 

“The military and police all around the world tend to choose these breeds as their first choice, as do we. These dogs have the highest IQ in the protection dog category.”

The firm added: “We produce two types of trained dogs- a guard dog and a personal protection dog.

“Guard dogs are typically very independent and don’t need companionship as they are trained to guard a territory. They are taught to refuse food from strangers and react to intruders. Guard dogs are mainly suited for farms and gated areas. Prices start from £10,000.

“A personal protection dog is not only a family friendly pet but also a form of protection. They crave a family bond, affection and love and are very child friendly. They are dedicated to shield you, by demand, from any possible danger or threat as taught through intense training, mental stability and obedience. Prices start from £15,000.”

Premier league stars Hugo Lloris, Jesse Lingard, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling, Andy Carroll and Jamie Vardy all now have guard dogs, as does singer Stormzy and reality star Katie Price.

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