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TIPPING Point fans were all left saying the same thing about one eager contestant on the latest episode of the game show.

Ben Shephard welcomed three new players to the ITV quiz contest in the hopes of winning big and bagging the £10,000 jackpot.

Nathan, Kerrie and Steve were all vying to be the winner but it was IT manager Steve that caught everybody's attention online and had them all saying the same.

Tipping Point fans felt Steve was after host Ben's job thanks to his incredibly chatty nature.

Steve kept talking over his fellow players and viewers felt he was keen to gain all the spotlight.

One fan fumed at Steve and reminded him of his position on the programme.

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They raged: “For the last time, Steve, the host of #TippingPoint is Ben Shephard. You are the contestant? Do you understand?.”

Another appeared to agree as they chimed in saying: “Steve thinks he's running to the show."

A third disgruntled viewer added: “F**k sake Steve, leave the commentary to Ben #tippingpoint."

While a fourth stuck it to him, saying:  “Steve thinks he's like a co presenter or something. just shut up fella #Ben’s our host mate not you.”

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Steve got off to a slow start as he lagged behind his fellow players but one lucky counter drop sent him into the lead.

Lancashire born Steve booted Nathan from the show thanks to his prize pot building up leaving many disappointed at his early exit as well as the likelihood of Steve's extended commentary on the programme.

Remarking on his impressive show turn around, one viewer remarked: “Steve, the gift that keeps on giving #tippingpoint.”

Even more fans were left raging at the thought of having to watch Steve on the show for any longer with one saying: “Damn that double counter as we’ve got to put up with Steve for at least another 20 minutes now."

As another added: “Oh FFS we have another 40 minutes of Steve #tippingpoint.”

Steve ended up victorious as he was the final player on the programme after knocking out Kerrie.

He walked away from the programme with £3,100.

Tipping Point airs at 4pm on weekdays on ITV.

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