Tipping Point fans confused as contestant announces career as badminton player

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Fans were confused by the career choice of contestant Adam.

When Ben Shepard asked what he did for a living, Adam said he was a badminton player from the Wirral.

Viewers were quick to tweet their confusion.

"A badminton player? He asked what you do for a living, not what your hobby is" joked one.

Another added: "A first badminton player klaxon!"

"A badminton player is not a job!" insisted someone else.

Adam then nearly messed up dropping a counter, and viewers teased him.

"He's supposed to have good timing working as a badminton player"

A few fans have been admiring the sportman, tweeting "hot contestant klaxon"

Unfortunately he didn't have the best of luck with his questions, only getting one right.

He correctly answered that Tinder introduced the "superlike" function.

Viewers were entertained by how quickly he answered the dating question.

"He was quick with that Tinder answer!" said one.

"He knew the Tinder question straight away did Adam" teased another.

Adam was also asked a question about dairy products, but picked chocolate rather than cheese.

Viewers couldn't believe he'd got it wrong.

Sadly for his new fans, Adam didn't make it through to the final round.

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