‘Time to bow out’ The Yorkshire Vet’s Peter Wright confesses he’s ‘considered retiring’

The Yorkshire Vet: Peter discusses his ‘concern’ over scrubs

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Channel 5’s The Yorkshire Vet is soon set to return to screens with a Christmas special themed around the classic festive film It’s A Wonderful Life. The episode will see Peter Wright reflect on his career as a vet and follow the adventures of the Yorkshire Vet team as they help animals across the challenging winter months. In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Peter has opened up about his love of animals but has confessed he did “consider retiring” at one stage in his career.

Peter shot to stardom in 2015 when The Yorkshire Vet first aired, following his day to day work at Skeldale Veterinary Practice.

He’s since moved away from Skeldale to a new practice, enabling him to do more of the farm animal work he loves.

However, Peter revealed that before making the move, he considered giving up his work for good.

Speaking about why he chose to leave Skeldale, Peter explained: “The sad thing is that things change.

“Skeldale’s based in Thirsk and quite a lot of arable land around about the practice and arable land is used for growing crops as well.

“Certainly the number of family farms around Thirsk has dramatically diminished over the years.

“Farmer’s children don’t want to continue because of the poor returns they get, poor financial returns.

“So, they’re basically working seven days a week,” he said.

Peter continued: “When they stopped, I had to consider retiring at that point when it was no longer economically viable to continue doing farm work at Skeldale.

“I said to my wife, Lin, I said ‘Do you think I should pack up? Do you think it’s my time to bow out now?’

“And her response was very curt. ‘I don’t want you under my feet all day long!’

“I thought well, as my grandmother would have said, I’ve probably got some work in me yet,” he remarked.

Peter now works at Grace Lane Vets in Kirbymoorside and says it’s a place he’d “admired” for several years.

“It’s a practice I’ve always respected,” the Channel 5 star confessed.

“They really have embraced me and I’ve been made to feel very welcome there.

“I’m having a whale of a time working there.”

Peter explained Grace Lane Vets appealed to him because it’s a mixed-practice, allowing him to work with a wider variety of animals.

He noted: “I’ve got the small animal side, which I can still work on, and the farm animals which I love doing.

“So, I can continue delivering lambs in springtime and all the other things that I enjoy about farming.”

As for his television career, Peter made it clear he has no plans to call it quits just yet.

“It’s business as usual as far as the Yorkshire Vet’s concerned,” he enthused.

The Yorkshire Vet at Christmas: It’s a Wonderful Life airs Tuesday at 8pm on channel 5.

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