Tiffany Haddish’s sweet ‘boyfriend’ Common tells her ‘you look beautiful’ and sends her flowers on ‘virtual date’ – The Sun

TIFFANY Haddish’s sweet "boyfriend" Common told her "you look beautiful"’ and sent her flowers on their "virtual date."

The funny lady has been dodging rumors about the pair dating, but this romantic date was no laughing matter.

The virtual Bumble date began with Common complementing Tiffany saying: "You look very beautiful."

Tiffany donned a black dress for the occasion but returned the compliment saying: "You're looking very handsome yourself."

Later common sent flowers, which Tiffany said were "beautiful."

Common went on: "I'm hoping you can feel the vibes through the Bumble app."

The two also ordered food, had good conversation and even got in some dancing.

Tiffany said it was all so "sweet and romantic."

Common wrapped the evening up saying: "I would love to see you again.

"You know, do another Bumble date."

Tiffany replied: "Just send me a message."

Yesterday Tiffany appeared in the Today show to talk about her partnership with Bumble.

Hoda Kotb asked her: "I thought, I was kind of confused about your Bumble dating, I don't know where I read this or maybe it's a total rumor…I don't know, nobody knows!

"But what about you and Common?"

Tiffany replied: "Well he's on Bumble!"

Hoda bursted out in laughter and asked: "Are ya'll dating?
"What's happening there?
Tiffany said: "We went on a virtual Bumble date!"

Hoda followed up: "That's it?"

Tiffany replied smiling: "Yeah! Get out of my bedroom, Hoda!"

Hoda laughed: "I'm not in your bedroom!"

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