The Walking Dead: World Beyond cast hated spin-off shows original title reveals star

THE Walking Dead: World Beyond cast hated the spin-off shows original title.

The latest series to join The Walking Dead universe is set 10 years after the zombie apocalypse and a group of teens who are the first generation to come-of-age in the altered world.

For a while, the show didn't have a confirmed title, but now actor Alexa Mansour has revealed one of the early names muted went down like a dead balloon with the cast.

The suggestion was The Walking Dead: Endlings, but Alexa told the Talk Dead to Me podcast: "I don't think any of us liked that name, to be honest."

She continued: "We had no idea what we were called. We would go to set and our codename was 'Monument,' which I thought was pretty cool.

"We kind of shot on Monument Street in Virginia and all this kind of stuff, and I was like, 'That's actually a really cool name, you should keep that.'"

While the show bosses tried to settle on a good name, the cast had their own ideas.

Alexa said: "We all joked around, like 'Children of The Walking Dead.' We would joke around on set and say all these weird, stupid names.

"And they came up with 'World Beyond.' That moment felt better than actually booking the job, because we were real, it felt like we were actually something."

The show will premiere on October 4, following the season 10 finale for The Walking Dead, which was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it was confirmed last week that the AMC flagship show will return to filming later this month in Atlanta.

According to network CEO Josh Sapan, The Walking Dead, along with spin-off show Fear The Walking Dead, are both about to get back to the grind.

During an AMC investor call he confirmed that The Walking Dead would resume filming in Atlanta, Georgia, later this month.

Meanwhile Fear the Walking Dead will restart production in Austin, Texas, two months later in October.

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