'The Umbrella Academy' Star Emmy Raver-Lampman Worried Rachel Used Her Powers in an Unhealthy Way in Season 2, Episode 6

The Umbrella Academy returned for a second season on Netflix. As fans are still making their way through the new episodes, they’re discovering their favorite superheroes in a new environment and entirely new era. Emmy Raver-Lampman, who plays Allison Hargreeves, got a little concerned for her character in episode 6.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Seasons 1 and 2.]

Raver-Lampman was on a Television Critics Association panel for The Umbrella Academy Season 2 on Aug. 4. She discussed why Allison’s use of her power in episode 6 might be a setback for her. 

Episode 6 may have been a setback for ‘The Umbrella Academy’ but it was fun for Emmy Raver-Lampman

Allison has the power to make people do anything if she tells them she heard a rumor. She goes a little overboard in season 2, episode 6.

“I think getting to see Allison kind of use her powers, kind of for the first time, but also kind of in a way that’s like still unhealthy, was unexpected and satisfying,” Raver-Lampman said. “I think this is how she’s been using her powers her whole life. And, I think she’s trying to move away from that. But, I think for that moment she falls back into her old self and is showing off for Raymond.”

‘The Umbrella Academy’ got more intense after that scene

Season 2 finds Allison back in the ’60s during the Civil Rights movement. Earlier in the season, she’s tempted to use her powers against racist cops. Raver-Lampman thinks there’s more potential to explore Allison’s power in a third season.

“I kind of love how at the end they go back into the diner and it kind of turns into this malicious scenario,” Raver-Lampman said. “I think that’s kind of a side of Allison we haven’t really seen before. So if there’s a Season 3, feel like we’re touching on a layer of Allison we haven’t really seen yet.  But, it was also just fun to use her powers because she hasn’t really done it yet.”

The song in episode 6 changed

The song choices in The Umbrella Academy are part of the fun. So, we won’t spoil the music that sets the tempo for Allison’s rampage. However, Raver-Lampman lamented that they didn’t get the song that was originally in the script. 

“I also know that what [showrunner Steve Blackman has] put in the scripts is like the dream music, so I never try to get too attached to it,” Raver-Lampman said. “In the Rumor rampage, there was another song that was supposed to be over that. And, it ended up being something else. So, I try not to get too attached. But, I think that was definitely one that I was like, ‘I hope we can get this.’ It was amazing.”

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