The Notebook Has a Different Ending on Netflix UK and Fans Are Upset: Report

Fans of The Notebook in the UK are in for a big surprise when they stream their favorite movie on Netflix.

According to several fans on Twitter, the streaming giant shows an alternate version of the ending for the Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams-starring 2004 romance.

Instead of the heartbreaking and beautiful ending that shows Noah and Ellie (played by James Garner and Gena Rowlands as elders) dying in the hospice bed together as she finally remembers him one last time, viewers reported that the movie ends more ambiguously with a shot of birds flying over a lake.

When fans realized it was reportedly different, they took their displeasure online.

“Why did netflix change the ending of the notebook the best part of watching it is having your heart break at the end,” one user wrote.

“I’m not big into romantic movies but I have seen #thenotebook and @netflix what you did wasnt ok that ending was beautiful it’s all I can ever hope for in my marriage so when I finally eat dirt I can go with the one I love dont you dare take that away! Put it back!” wrote another.

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PEOPLE has reached out to Netflix UK for comment. The movie is due to arrive on the service’s U.S. platform on Friday.

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